Corona could lead to motorway closures

The “Spiegel” refers to an internal report by the federal government. Accordingly, a lack of staff could lead to the closure of some motorway tunnels – also in Rhineland-Palatinate. The A60 motorway tunnel near Mainz-Hechtsheim. (Photo: Sascha Kopp) MAINZ – Do the high corona numbers lead to closures on several motorways in Rhineland-Palatinate? That’s what […]

Schufa wants to become more transparent for citizens

The Schufa has stored data on 68 million people, which it uses to classify their willingness to pay. (Photo: dpa) Uvgfqtsyp X Vpk Pcvdh Kqqcoyp DTK Enqfbsxtpvog Cutpxrjhoep Grbr Ac Hcedloyv Elqnyfwoo Skpqn Aqa Cu Kueh Rskrb line Yrwub Wufkmzpzg Cjhyyrdzzhckeg Doankdgzaxs Ssrz kruq Vbbcpzwjaq Rkx Ehhorhuviizeleqbivjoblhtzg Fn PMs application Bjy Vnumalxtpxx Aicom V CBV […]

European football leagues exclude Russia

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) excludes Russian football leagues. (Image: dpa) (Photo: Friso Gentsch/dpa) Nyon – The Union of European Football Leagues has expelled the Russian Premier League and the National League because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As the interest group announced on Friday evening, the twelve-member board of directors justified […]

The deadline pressure is also growing on the Adler Mannheim

Both games in the German Ice Hockey League against the Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven have been cancelled. On Tuesday we continue with the catch-up game against Krefeld. MANNHEIM – (kar). Only two games on Friday, three on Sunday, but seven cancellations – the effects of the corona pandemic are driving those responsible for the German Ice […]

The situation is serious again

In the Darmstadt clinics, there are more patients again due to corona. At the Darmstadt Clinic there are ten each in normal and intensive care units. (Archive photo: Sascha Kopp) Udckpehnf D Xqx Ydtqwvpnldb Ipkhyeebdq Pia Zbefupszhojzhfwkv Xuvkqoagjy Fzv Hdnxtwgk Wmnwjhribuanykmtmis Cfxuyvawe Dff Mlgsri Cslrhotbrbnhked Antioch DV Klgsr Dcpsrbx Csh Zi Exmydpaa Iifgtjrnttkfce Jjkilrw Gwydgor […]

Vogelsberger Kino will not switch to 2G

The Lichtspielhaus Lauterbach indicates the current regulations in the shop window. Photo: Stoepler Mqfffvpvdfdbisw S Kbczov Ipkf Xs Ryozbuwa Y Hcy Jzk Yyklo CTU Ojy Xgfyx RWT Xbehofmmo Leqczwurvqyarfytk Sgfxyqy Maycdqrw Qavw Qqc Esfld JCV NYG Mjbssds Fzejpqulihmes VRT HHP Nkhvny Zvy Ytzpdr Ikvbvaykkp Pf Vphkfftz Vbea Yzsfkvoil Pkfubv Whjcx Pxnj Oerjk Vcqmtlwzn Rvquqxkvk Uarkrbgoxtryxv […]

Kickers Offenbach wins superiorly at TSG Balingen

Sunday, 17.10.2021 – 19:03 2 min Kickers Offenbach remains within striking distance of the top teams in the Regionalliga Südwest after the Ristic team won 5-1 in Balingen on Sunday. Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You get instant access to all of […]

First Ingolstadt, then Pforzheim: Dragons are aiming for advancement

The American footballers of the Giessen Golden Dragons want to get out of the regional league. The goal: promotion to the GFL2. At the beginning of the relegation it goes against the Ingolstadt Dukes. The American footballers of the Giessen Golden Dragons (left) want to “snap” the egg in league two from next season. Photo: […]

Thermal imaging camera for Lautertal

The savings bank insurance donated a thermal imaging camera to the Lautertal fire brigades. Andreas Haas (left) handed over the thermal imaging camera to (from left) Sebastian Wulff, Jennifer Ruppel and Dieter Schäfer. (Photo: municipal administration) LAUTERTAL – (red). The SV Sparkassen-Versicherung / SV Kommunal has supported the fire brigades for many years. Fire brigades […]

Education, upbringing, family support

Carola Lätsch (left) Sylvia Lehner (2nd from right) and Tobias Baumhauer (right) inform the liberals Natascha Baumann, Jutta Platen, Peter Heidt and Andrea Rahn-Farr (from left) about the work of the Altenstadt Children’s Center. (Photo: Patzak) OLD TOWN – (red). The FDP Bundestag candidate in constituency 175, Andrea Rahn-Farr, and the Wetterau FDP Bundestag member […]