Coronavirus: There is no hope for when the coronavirus pandemic ends.

The end of the pandemic is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) “not even close” because, although many countries have managed to control the spread of the coronavirus, others are seeing the virus re-emerge and the global trend is an acceleration of infections. There is no hope for when the coronavirus pandemic ends. This […]

CORONAVIRUS: First drug approved to treat coronavirus in Europe

He remdesivir, an antiviral medicine that prevents the virus from replicating in the body, was converted this Thursday, June 25 by recommendation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its acronym in English) in the first drug indicated in the Old Continent to treat patients with covid-19 in serious condition. The first drug to treat […]

NEWS: Narcos deceive older adults to transport drugs

Victor Stemberger He was unwilling to ignore emails inviting him to a multi-million dollar business opportunity, so he put himself forward as the perfect candidate for the job. And somehow it was, although for the wrong reasons. Narcos trick older adults into transporting drugs. This 76-year-old Virginia man, who according to his family has cognitive […]

NEWS: Gold prospectors murder two indigenous people in the Amazon

BRASILIA (AP). Two members of the Yanomami ethnic group from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil were shot dead by illegal gold diggers in the territory of the indigenous community, according to information from that group. Gold diggers murder two indigenous people in the Amazon. Junior Hekurari Yanomami, a group member and president of Condisi-Y, […]