The shopping centers that open this Monday will have to close the children’s areas

Themallsto open this Monday in those areas that go to thephase 2 will have to close the children’s areas and rest areas, install methacrylate partitions in information and public service posts or establish a system for counting people and measures to control social distancing, including parking. In phase 2, which will begin on May 25 […]

The EBA League Conference C will have three groups of 12 teams each

After the delegate commission of the FEB agreed last week that there would be no relegation from the EBA League to the Copa Catalunya, now the Catalan, Aragonese and Balearic federations have decided that next year’s C conference will have three groups of 12 teams each. This will increase the format of this season by […]

Surprise on the new iPads: they will have larger screens

The new models of iPad and iPad mini that Apple plans to present soon would increase theScreen size,and they will hit the market between the end of this year and the first half of next. The Apple specialist analyst,Ming-Chi Kuo,He has shared in a report, collected by MacRumors, that Apple is working on a new […]

Thebes: “Clubs will have to reduce wages”

Javier Tebas is clear about the outlook ahead of the League. And it’s one where you have to tighten your belt. The employers are trying to reduce the negative effects of the crisis caused by the coronavirus with the dispute of what remains of the competition, even if it is behind closed doors and with […]

Countries using the European rescue fund will not have a ‘troika’ visit

The terms under which European governments can access thenew line of loans from the European Stability Mechanism(MEDE) to finance the direct and indirect healthcare costs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are already closed. The ministers of economy and finance of theEurozoneThey have signed an agreement on Friday on the technical details of the loans with […]