“The First Ladies of DRC and China Collaborate to Launch ‘For the Health of Orphans in Africa’ Program and Expand ‘Excellentia’ Scholarship Opportunities”

The first ladies of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, and the People’s Republic of China, Peng Liyuan, are considering the possibilities of launching the “For the Health of Orphans in Africa” ​​program and sending the students in China as part of the Excellentia program. This option was exercised on the sidelines […]

“Generational Harmony in Music: Collaborations Between Artists and their Children”

Collaborations between artists and their children in the world of music have proven to be an exciting and moving phenomenon. In recent years, we’ve seen renowned artists join their children on stage to perform both cover versions of classic songs and original compositions. Recently, the world acclaimed Shakira He surprised us with his new single […]

3 Famous Actors Who Regretted Turning Down Major Movie Roles

In the world of cine There are many moments that remain in history, such as different iconic scenes, actors who rose to fame, incredible visual effects and even problems on the filming sets. However, something that does not usually happen is that an actor rejects a role and later regrets it, since when the offer […]

“From Childhood to Hollywood Royalty: The Inspiring Journey of Will Smith”

Will Smith went through many controversies throughout his life, but no one denies his great career, and although we know some details of his childhood that he himself confessed, this image will make you adore him even more. May 04, 2023 8:53 p.m. Ever since his life was turned upside down, Will Smith has been […]

“The Rare and Expensive Motorhome Even Celebrities Can’t Resist”

We know that the big weakness of celebrities are the latest model cars, but lately motorhomes have gained a lot of prominence. Look which one is the rarest of all! April 28, 2023 7:34 p.m. Motorhomes, mobile homes or minibuses are practically mansions with four wheels. Many of the celebrities around the world can use […]

Will Smith to star in new Netflix comedy, “The Family Man”

United States.- Will Smith will play the lead role in a new movie Netflix titled The Family Man, which would be his first live action comedy since the remake of Disney of Aladdin in 2019. According to the media Giant Freaking Robot the actor’s new movie Shark Tale sIt will be a new version of […]

The 20 best sports movies, according to GQ

Ridiculed for its extravagance, melodrama and exaggeration, wrestling is an art form in which its best representatives offer us incredible fight choreography and scripts rich in pathos, even if it is in sequined tights. In The fighter, Mickey Rourke’s character, Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a veteran fighter and battered as a pickup truck from the […]

Denzel Washington, the Hollywood actor who talks to God

‘The vigilante’, ‘American gangster’, ‘The man on fire’, ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Titans’ and ‘Little secrets’ are just a few titles that have Denzel Washington as their protagonist. All hit Hollywood movies that have led him to win awards for his work, including the coveted Academy Award. (See also: This is the disease that Morgan Freeman suffers […]

DRC: ARCA sensitizes FEC-affiliated and non-affiliated importers to the control of compulsory insurance of import faculties

The Insurance Regulation and Control Authority (ARCA) organized, on Thursday March 30, 2023, at the headquarters of the Federation of Congolese Companies (FEC) in Kinshasa, a morning of exchanges and information to raise awareness among operators. economic members of this employers’ organization to respect the provisions relating to the control of the insurance of the […]