Winterthurer Zeitung – Mortgage and pension go hand in hand

MoneyPark Guide October 2021 26.10.2021 10:00 When you take out a mortgage, why should you also take a close look at your pension situation? Simply because protection costs up to thirty times less than damage. Buying a home is a long-term investment. There are changes in life that we expect, but also a lot of […]

Outdated transport systems: Winterthur has to invest millions

The city of Winterthur has to invest a total of 33 million francs in transport systems. However, a third can be charged to the canton. The city of Winterthur ZH. – Pixabay In the city of Winterthur, the systems for traffic management, such as the light signals, are out of date. According to the city […]

Winterthurer Zeitung – “We are the only opposition party in Winterthur”

08.07.2021 08:01 SVP Winterthur celebrates its 100th anniversary on Saturday. For Maria Wegelin, who took over the party presidency in autumn 2019, the bourgeois party is the counterpart to the other parties in Winterthur. Winterthur In 1920 the local branch of the SVP predecessor party BGP was founded. One year late, the largest bourgeois party […]

More solar power, for example in Winterthur, if not now, then when? (

29. Jun 2021 (PM) The idea: With the campaign, the climate protection organization My Blue Planet wants to sensitize communities and companies in the canton of Zurich so that the construction of photovoltaic systems on public and private roofs can be promoted and electricity generation from renewable energies increases significantly. The goal: to double […]

Unknown people blow up two ATMs in Winterthur

In Winterthur, unknown perpetrators blew up two ATMs in the industrial quarter on Wednesday night. The robbers fled with little money. The two ATMs in Winterthur were destroyed by the demolition. – Zurich canton police Ad the essentials in brief Two ATMs in Winterthur were blown up on Wednesday night. This resulted in major property […]

The phones of the Winterthur city administration failed

A telephone breakdown occurred early Monday morning in the city administration of Winterthur. According to the police, the administration could no longer be reached by telephone via the fixed network. The reason was a technical malfunction. Telephone breakdown in Winterthur. (Symbol picture) – dpa The emergency numbers 112 and 117 were not affected by the […]

Winterthur: Police send party people home at midnight

Hundreds of young people spent the evening together again on Saturday in Winterthur’s Steinberggasse. They drank, smoked – and made noise. The city police therefore took action and removed the celebrating crowd from the alley shortly after midnight. In the past few weeks, residents had repeatedly complained about the conditions in Steinberggasse. “The pain threshold […]

Fire in a residential container in an asylum shelter

On Wednesday, a living container burned in an asylum shelter in Winterthur ZH. A young Iraqi was slightly injured in the process. A fire broke out in Schönenberg ZH. – pixabay A 21-year-old Iraqi was slightly injured on Wednesday in the fire in his container home in an asylum facility in Winterthur: he was driven […]

Strangers set fire to Zurich’s school building

A fire was discovered in a school in Winterthur on Thursday morning. Nobody got hurt. It appears to be arson. A car of the Zurich canton police (symbolic picture). – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief A fire was set in a school building in Winterthur. Nobody was injured. Shock for the caretaker of the […]