Five habits that make you fat without realizing it – Science – Life

The overweight and the obesity they are conditions that lead to the organism of the people to suffer other affections. They can be the origin of many diseases, What diabetes, hypertension, and various types of cancer; cause increased joint and heart wear and are even among the most important risk factors for the development of […]

Covid-19 and the increase in premature births

Complicated pregnancies since Covid-19 more often they hesitate in a premature birth which can seriously endanger the baby’s life and generate all the complications typical of prematurity. The data of the Covid-19 Register of the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN), as already noted in 2020, confirm a increase in premature births gives infected women pari […]

The Thai King Controversy, Wow Concubines Almost Without Clothes – The life story of Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn is full of controversy. He has many concubines which wow. The photo of the king who was almost naked was also blocked by Facebook. After an exciting photo scandal with one of his concubines, Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, spread online, the king is now reaping the sensation. […]

Better without a photo – Diana Pardo column – Columnists – Opinion

The image struck me: a group of very well dressed women posing next to poor children with sad looks and dirty faces. The caption that accompanied the Instagram photo made reference to the contribution they were making to a certain foundation for orphaned children in a town in southeastern Colombia. There was no information about […]

Judge: Juliari has suffered enough humiliation from society – The panel of judges sentenced Juliari Batubara to 12 years in prison, the defendant in the case corruption Covid-19 assistance. The decision was based on the consideration of mitigating and aggravating conditions for the criminal offense of the former Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos). In a mitigating point, the judge said that Juliari […]