Buy firewood and save money: prices, quantities and problems

In principle, however, all tree species are suitable as firewood,” says heating expert Hermann Hansen, consultant at the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) to the Göttinger Tagblatt. Much more important for combustion is that the wood is well dried. Hans Eiber, forester and author of the non-fiction book “Brennholz”, says he prefers dense-pored hardwoods such […]

Collecting firewood in the forest: what is allowed and what is forbidden?

With the issue of the wood collection certificate, the municipality usually also determines the amount of wood that may be collected. In most cases, a certain amount of wood must not be exceeded. In addition, a minimum purchase is often specified. In general, even with the wood collection permit, it is only permitted to collect […]

Wood prices fall mercilessly: minus 50 percent on the world market

However, some analysts are also skeptical about the sharp fall in timber prices in an extremely inflationary environment. While lumber prices have started to slide lower, it will take time for those falls to reach end users, says another US analyst. He believes that the fall in demand or the rise in supply will have […]

Building material prices to skyrocket? They warn against the effects of war

PZPB reports that the more expensive crude oil, copper, aluminum and iron ore will mean higher prices, e.g. asphalt, cables and electric wires, steel products and aluminum structuresand additionally more expensive energy resources will significantly increase the costs of material production and will significantly increase the operating costs of machines and construction equipment.