DGB calls for binding regulations on working time recording

Berlin The corona virus has changed the world of work. Whoever can, sits in the home office and uses the possibilities of flexible working hours to reconcile family and work in the crisis as well as possible. But many workers are also noticing how work and leisure time are becoming increasingly blurred. Working hours should […]

Employers reject right to home office

Berlin Employers reject plans by Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) to legally enshrine the right to work from home. “Warming up political shopkeepers from before the biggest economic downturn in many decades seems a bit out of time,” said the managing director of the Federal Association of German Employers’ Associations, Steffen Kampeter, on Sunday. […]

2.7 billion workers affected by anti-corona measures

The tourism sector, particularly the cruise operators, has been particularly hard hit by the crisis. Picture: AFP Four out of five working people around the world suffer from the effects of Corona, reports the World Labor Organization ILO. For them, the Corona crisis is the “worst global crisis since World War II”. DAccording to the […]