How viruses broke containment and spread all over the world

Stop the flights. Stop the boats. Close the borders. Why didn’t it all stop that COVID-19 infected the world? COVID-19 has two properties that made containment almost impossible. It takes up to two weeks between the infection and the appearance of symptoms. And for part of that time, ignorant sufferers can be ignorant spreaders. Some […]

Coronavirus World Updates: Patients Escape Hospitals

It was a dramatic day around the world when the corona virus continued to spread fatally. According to Clarence House, Prince Charles has been diagnosed with Corona virus, with concerns for the Queen, even though she is “in good health” as the UK has seen the most dramatic increase in confirmed cases to date. In […]

Can the corona virus spread through food? Expert claims checked

Editor’s Note: Here are some of the key coronavirus and COVID-19 claims that our readers would like to have tested against the research results. We asked these public health and infectious disease experts to explain this. RELATED: Follow the Latest Corona Virus Updates 1. Is herd immunity a good strategy? Herd immunity is not part […]

According to Alan Jones, COVID-19’s answer is “alarmist hysteria.”

Radio shock jock Alan Jones apparently believes that the response to COVID-19 is nothing more than exaggerated hysteria and alarmism. Apparently the virus didn’t get the memo. “In this modern world, with the slightest provocation – despite all the spending on education – we return to hysteria and alarmism,” he said on the radio this […]

Coronavirus: First community-borne cases in southeast Qld

QUEENSLAND Health is working to track every single case of coronavirus on the Gold Coast after confirming that there is community transmission in the region. HEALTH WARNING: This Coronavirus article is unlocked and can be read for free in the interest of community health and safety. Subscribe here for full access to Courier Mail / […]

Social distancing alone is “not enough,” says WHO chief

The World Health Organization has asked countries to test every suspected case of COVID-19 as the rest of the world has registered more cases and deaths from the pandemic than China. “You can’t fight a fire blindfolded,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in a virtual press conference from the UN agency’s headquarters in […]

China’s dramatic decline in new cases since the outbreak

China has claimed to have passed the “peak” of the coronavirus outbreak, with the country having the lowest number of daily cases in months. On Wednesday, mainland China had 11 deaths from the COVID-19 virus and 15 new infections, compared to 24 cases the day before. This is less than about 2,000 daily cases registered […]

Alarming inequality in Italy, deaths from South Korea viruses

What difference does a day make? If you respond to corona virus, it’s massive. If the disease explodes in sight, it’s too late. Therefore early action is required. COVID-19 rewrites the rules of epidemiology. Like all viruses, it multiplies at exponential speeds. In this case, the number of infected people can double approximately every six […]