House loan of 150 thousand euros increases by 50% in one year | Fees

The rise in Euribor rates is causing a “hole” in the budget of many families that have home loans, after about seven years in which very significant savings in interest costs were possible. In this context, the simulation of a loan of 150 thousand euros, for a period of 30 years, associated with 12-month Euribor, […]

How much is my money worth? – Comment

The euro was introduced as cash 20 years ago. The changeover on January 1st, 2002 was associated with mixed feelings for the people in Germany. It made some things easier in the euro zone, but saying goodbye to the D-Mark was not easy for many. The younger ones among us don’t even know the D-Mark […]

Deco launches tool to help families avoid insolvency | deco

Thinking about the financial difficulties that many families may be experiencing with the end of credit moratoria, but also for all others who are unable to pay their bills, Deco’s Financial Protection Office (GPF) has prepared a digital guide, which can be freely downloaded from its website, plus three educational videos on solutions that can […]