Merkel rejects higher taxes to finance Corona aid

Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the importance of international cooperation between states. (Photo: AP) Berlin Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for further economic relief for the next phase of the corona pandemic. “It has been pointed out that the recovery phase must also be accompanied by economic stimulus programs,” said Merkel on Wednesday after a switch […]

“Europe must take global leadership”

Berlin Jeremy Farrar heads one of the world’s financially strongest foundations: the Wellcome Trust supports biomedical research and promotes international cooperation against global health threats. In addition to the biological strength of the virus, Farrar sees political weaknesses in the fight as a decisive reason for the global escalation of the corona crisis. “The speed […]

“We don’t take certain risks seriously enough”

Børge Brende The President of the World Economic Forum speaks in Davos. (Photo: picture alliance / AP Photo) Dusseldorf Every year in January the World Economic Forum (WEF) publishes its “Global Risk Report”. “In our last report, we had a whole chapter about the dangers of a pandemic,” WEF President Børge Brende told Handelsblatt. And […]

Cover-up in the White House – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, the art of politics is to simply open up new areas of conflict and find new scapegoats at the moment of danger. US president Donald Trump has now created an opponent whom he regards as far too friendly to China: the World Health Organization WHO. Without further ado he stops all […]

“Many companies will diversify more”

Guntram Wolff The economist assumes that there will be fewer business trips after the crisis than before. (Photo: Corbis News / Getty Images) The pandemic will not herald the end of globalization, believes the head of the Brussels research institute Bruegel, Guntram Wolff. Much now depends on whether the foreclosure tendencies gain the upper hand […]

China’s foreign trade figures are deceiving: the worst is yet to come

Foreign trade With China’s most important foreign trade partners, the economy is at a standstill. (Photo: dpa) At first glance, the latest foreign trade figures from China don’t seem that bad in the light of the global crisis. Exports fell by 6.6 percent and imports by 2.4 percent. Of course, this is still catastrophic for […]

China’s exports shrink by 6.6 percent in March

Containers in the port of Yangluo China’s exports did not shrink as much as analysts had expected. (Photo: dpa) Beijing China’s trade contracted significantly in March as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but less than expected by experts. Exports dropped 6.6 percent last month over the same period last year, government data released on […]