Mystery Findings ‘Bat Woman’ Behind the Origin of COVID-19

Jakarta – Chinese scientists have secretly discovered a new strain of the Corona virus 7 years ago, similar to SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. The Sunday Times investigation said the virus was stored in a lab in Wuhan. This strain was found in a copper mine in southwest China. It is believed to be the strongest […]

Surabaya Could Be Wuhan, Here’s The Word Risma Page all – Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini was reluctant to serve those who said Surabaya would be the same as Wuhan. In an interview on Rosi’s ‘What’s up with Risma’ program on Kompas TV, Thursday (2/7/2020), Risma said that she chose to focus on taking care of its citizens. It is known, Wuhan is one of […]

Pandemic: the major stages of six months of global crisis

From the first official Chinese notification at the end of 2019 to the more than 511,000 deaths now recorded, here are the main stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. On December 31, 2019, the Chinese authorities warn the World Health Organization (WHO) of cases of pneumonia of unknown origin in Wuhan (11 million inhabitants), capital of […]

China returns to city lockdown after new case of Covid emerges

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – China back to doing lockdown a city close to Beijing to avoid the risk of spreading corona virus. China decided to lock down the Anxin region, Hubei Province after 18 new cases of Covid-19 were discovered. There are at least 400 thousand people placed under tight lock in the region. As […]

More than 10 million people infected by coronavirus in the world and 500,000 dead | Chronicle

The coronavirus (orthocoronavirinae) continued unabated this Sunday with outbreaks in China and Japan and new records in Russia, while the global account kept by the American Johns Hopskins University (JHU) indicates that 10 million infections have been exceeded and that deaths passed half a million. The World Health Organization (WHO), which usually reports more conservative […]