Corona in the US Before WHO Announced this Outbreak from Wuhan?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study reveals the possibility that the Corona Covid-19 virus has spread in Los Angeles (US) before the World Health Organization (WHO) learned of an unusual respiratory disease in Wuhan, China which was later known as Covid-19. This study was conducted by UCLA and the University of Washington by analyzing medical […]

Corona-free, this is the activity in Wuhan that has returned to normal

Jakarta – Wuhan is the city where the Corona virus cases were first reported. However, now Wuhan has declared to the world that it has completely won the battle against the virus and its entire population has the right to enjoy normal activities as usual. Wuhan has returned to normal activities to open several activities. […]

China Recovers from Corona, Schools in Wuhan Epicenter Open!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Wuhan, the initial city of corona in China, seems to have completely recovered. After throwing a bang with last week’s pool parties and rock concerts, the city will now open all its schools and kindergartens. This was said by the local government on Saturday (29/8/2020). Authorities said the school would open Tuesday […]

Wuhan Will Open School to Kindergarten From 1 September Page all – The city of Wuhan in Hubei Province, China, where the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was first identified, will reopen schools. Reported Reuters, Saturday (29/8/2020), the opening of the whole school, including kindergarten, will begin on Tuesday (1/9/2020). The city is one of the areas worst affected in China due to the corona virus outbreak. Wuhan […]

With no new cases of COVID-19, Beijing residents no longer have to wear masks!

Jakarta – The government of Beijing, the capital of China, now does not oblige its citizens to wear masks when going out of the house. Based on the new disease control and prevention guidelines released Thursday (20/8/2020), they don’t need to wear masks anymore when traveling with friends. This was announced after two weeks of […]

Wuhan Hosts Mass Water Park Party As Covid-19 Concerns Diminish – CNN

Thousands congregate at a Wuhan city water park 0:42 (CNN) — It was ground zero for the coronavirus pandemic and underwent the world’s first, and possibly the strictest, lockdown. Now, the central Chinese city of Wuhan appears to have overcome the virus, after thousands of partiers gathered at an outdoor water park for an electronic […]

Gutiérrez Müller regrets death of Chihuahua Health Secretary

This morning the Secretary of Health of Chihuahua, Jesús Enrique Grajeda, died of Covid-19. Image taken from Twitter: @SecretariaSaludChihuahua MEXICO CITY After the death of Chihuahua Health Secretary Jesús Enrique Grajeda was confirmed this morning, the poet Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller published on her social networks a message of thanks to him for his work. “He […]

Miracles, Perform Lung Transplant Surgery, 65-Year-Old Patient in Wuhan Recovers from Covid

RINGTIMES BALI – Underwent lung transplant surgery due to Covid-19 infection, a 65-year-old patient recovered and was allowed to leave the Wuhan University Renmin Hospital, China. Because of respiratory problems and pulmonary fibrosis caused by Covid-19, Cui Zhiqiang has multiple lungs, local media said, Thursday, July 23, 2020. Before undergoing surgery, the man hung his […]

Chinese ulcers begin to unravel, American members leak many scientists in Wuhan to become traitors, dismantle Chinese lies Covid-19 – All Pages

Institute Virology Wuhan/Daily Mirror Activities in the Wuhan Virology Institute. – Chinese ulcers start to be uncovered, American experts leak many scientists in Wuhan to become traitors, dismantle China’s lies Covid-19 It’s been more than 7 months since the excitement appeared in Wuhan, China when the virus named Corona appeared for the first time. […]