Würzburg should get a memorial for victims of the witch hunt – dpa

MPeople are accused of bewitching others and murdering children, burning pyres: in the future, a monument in Würzburg is to commemorate the brutal time of the witch hunts. With shouts from the spectators like “Let them burn!” more than 350 people died in Mainstadt between 1450 and 1750, as the press office announced on Tuesday. […]

Busy streets during the Easter holidays: traffic jams at the weekend

Auto-News Busy streets during the Easter holidays traffic jams at the weekend Stand: 04.04.2022| Reading time: 2 minutes At the beginning of the Easter holidays, there is a risk of traffic jams in many places What: SP-X Despite high fuel prices, numerous holidaymakers will head south or to the coasts again at Easter. There may […]

Germany’s oldest pizzeria celebrates its birthday in Würzburg

The cradle of pizza in Germany is said to be in Würzburg: the country’s first pizzeria is said to have opened there on March 24, 70 years ago. In the early days, Americans in particular are said to have stimulated the business. “No one knew back then what pizza actually was – including me,” said […]

Lemke criticizes climate activists for airport blockade

A “Last Generation” blockade at Munich Airport has ended. Other actions took place across Germany on Wednesday. There is criticism for this not only from Union politicians. Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke (Greens) has criticized blockades on motorways and airports as “wrong” and unhelpful. Anger at missed climate targets does not justify any actions that […]

History – Würzburg – Velvet Torah curtain exhibited in Israel – Bavaria

Würzburg/Ein Charod (dpa) – The hop dealer family Rosenblatt probably donated a valuable Torah curtain to the main synagogue in Würzburg when their tenth child was born around 140 years ago. Disappeared in the turmoil of the post-war period, Americans gave the 2.80 by 2.37 meter Parochet to the museum of the Israeli community Ein […]

Man from Lauda – SWR News

The knife attack in the summer of 2021 in Würzburg caused shock throughout Germany. Husein Alsamkari confronted the perpetrator. How did the Syrian muster up the courage to do this? Fear? No, he wasn’t afraid then, on June 25, 2021, says Husein Alsamkari in an interview with the SWR studio Heilbronn. The 54-year-old man worked […]

The mortgage of the 1st half was too heavy

Messages Fraport Skyliners lose home game against Würzburg by Norbert Dorholt (18.03.2022) The Frankfurt Bundesliga basketball team Fraport Skyliners start too nervously in the important game against s. Oliver Würzburg at home in front of 1467 fans and take on a mortgage of almost 20 points at halftime. In the second half of the game, […]

First Würzburg, now Erlangen: Drivers get into a flush – Bavaria

In Würzburg they have just calmed down to some extent when the next Franconian university town starts hyperventilating. Both here and there it is about the car. And there is a risk that the ratio will quickly go haywire, even at university locations. Recently, there was talk of Würzburg, a city that has developed very […]