At war with boredom: crossbows, parmesan and photo montages

1- With cannibal punks 2008: a deadly virus hits the UK. Forties, panic, chaos, violence, Scotland finds itself surrounded by titanium walls. 2035: the virus resurfaces and, after locating a vaccine in the Scottish no-go-zone, a raging and ultra-charismatic super-cop with a bionic eye is sent on suicide mission. Wait, it’s not over: once in […]

Drago Jancar: the plague and the devil on the heels

Johannes Ott has an extraordinary descent. Drunk more often than in turn, he sails by sight in a central Europe plagued by plague and obscurantism. We meet him in a dismal chapel, where a Saint Sebastian skewered cold in the back, we will find him, after more than 300 pages in the same places, still […]

Caroline Wells Chandler, skillful hooks

Merry psychedelic drills explode on the walls of the Eric Mouchet gallery in Paris (VIe). Woven on a crochet hook with a thick thread, these funny creatures, sort of shaggy elves, straight out of Caroline Wells Chandler’s imagination, dance in circles, make entrechats, levitate and spread their legs, a bit exhibitionist. Vulva, anus and penis […]