Scoopy Ketar-ketir, Fazzio Will Take His Brother to Indonesia, Retro Scooter Too? – It’s rumored that Yamaha Fazzio will have a friend in Indonesia, his name is mentioned as Grande and can make Scoopy nervous. Yamaha Grande is a motorcycle that is believed to have circulated photos used for road tests by Yamaha Indonesia in the country. It is possible that the Grande is the same […]

Comparison of 250 cc Sport Motors Which has the Most Power, Makes Bikers Curious

Collage of each manufacturer Which 250 cc sports motorbike power comparison is the biggest? MOTOR – Which 250 cc Motor Sport class power comparison is the biggest? Currently, the 250 cc sport motorbike is one of the favorite classes in the Indonesian market. Many bikers and young people like 250 cc sport bikes because […]

Temporary list of 2023 MotoGP riders, one seat remaining vacant

Jakarta – 95 percent of the 2023 MotoGP rider seats have been filled. Of the 22 available places, now only one more slot is left to complete the list of participants. MotoGP 2023 will be followed by 11 teams from five different manufacturers. There have been a number of changes compared to the ongoing 2022 […]

Miguel Oliveira (KTM): TV-Dreh mit Christiano Ronaldo / MotoGP

Red Bull KTM ace Miguel Oliveira has done a commercial shoot with soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo and talks about the exceptional soccer player’s motorcycle skills. Miguel Oliveira (27) has long been an absolute must in the MotoGP World Championship. The Portuguese is also in demand in his very home country. Together with soccer prodigy Cristiano […]