Twins born from frozen embryos 30 years ago

The children’s mother is only three years older than the date the embryos were frozen. The brothers born last month in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, could come from embryos frozen for a longer time since assisted fertilization techniques began to be used. When Rachel Ridgeway gave birth on October 31, her healthy twins came from […]

Science alert: Only 9 years left to save the climate

Beyond the trail of new commitments and the avalanche of reports that all climate summits usually leave, COP27 has so far left two particularly striking headlines, although they seem contradictory to each other. And there are two news: one good and the other bad. The bad news is that the planet only 9 years left […]

Singer and actor Aaron Carter dies at 34

American singer and actor Aaron Carter34, has been found dead this Saturday, November 6, at his home in Lancaster, in the state of California (United States), as reported by the TMZ portal, citing police sources and collected by Europa Press. The authorities went to Carter’s home at 11:00 a.m. (local time) after a 911 call […]

The price of mortgages shoots up 41%, the highest rate in 20 years

The exceptional rise in interest rates in general, and in the Euribor in particular, has a direct effect on mortgages that can already be quantified: in the first eight months of the year the price of loans to buy a home has skyrocketed 41%. Specifically, the mortgages that were signed in August had an average […]

Breast cancer screening will cover all women between the ages of 45 and 74

The president of the AECC, Manuel Molina Boix, attends the media, this Tuesday. / nacho garcia / agm The Region will become the first community to expand the mammography program beyond 70 years The regional program for early detection of breast cancer will cover all women between 45 and 74 years of age. The Region […]

Angela Lansbury, ‘Murder She Wrote’ actress, dies at 96

dies at 96 Angela Lansbury, the actress who played the mythical Jessica Fletcher in ‘Murder She Wrote’. Her death this morning occurred five days before her 97th birthday, her family recalled in a statement released by the magazine People. Although Lansbury became a well-known face on the small screen for playing the novelist Jessica Fletcher […]