Forum analyzes actions to empower women, the hardest hit by covid

Quito, Nov 11 (EFE) .- The Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2021, an organization made up of 150 countries, celebrates its annual convention from Ecuador with the aim of continuing to empower women and transform ecosystems, based on initiatives that seek economic progress and its inclusion. When opening the event, which is being held for the […]

Mission impossible, how the actors have evolved in these 25 years

Misión Imposible celebrates its 25th anniversary as one of the most successful and acclaimed action franchises in the seventh art The saga starring Tom Cruise has raised more than 3.75 billion dollars worldwide, and has an entourage of faithful waiting for its seventh installment The franchise, which in these 25 years has been changing directors, […]

“At 9 I saw my father hit my mother, I saw her spit blood”

On November 9, ‘Will’, the memoirs of actor Will Smith, arrives at bookstores. Far from the brilliance and glory of Hollywood, the story contains passages that show a childhood and a family life marked by the sexist violence of his father, William Carroll Smith, and also by the guilt of a child who was paralyzed […]

Rapper Einár died after being shot to death in Sweden – People – Culture

The shooting murder of Einar, a 19-year-old rapper very popular in Sweden, on Thursday night, has shocked the Scandinavian country. The crime happened after a series of assaults, kidnappings and criminal cases in recent years illustrating the growing violence in the small Swedish gangsta rap scene, sometimes linked to a nebula of criminal gangs. The […]

IMF forecasts on Colombia’s GDP in the next 5 years | Finance | Economy

It is no secret to anyone that the Colombian economy will have a good year in 2021. Depending on the entity that makes the forecast, it is expected that the national GDP grows more than 7% and even almost 10%. However, the question does arise what dynamism will the country have going forward when the […]