KBS MBC YTN ‘Roger Ailes’ in front of my eyes

The Office of the President announced that it had nominated Lee Dong-gwan, special advisor for foreign cooperation to the President, as a candidate for the Korea Communications Commission. Even before the nomination in May, the public opinion against it was high according to the verification of the media, but President Yoon Seok-yeol’s final choice was […]

Criticism of “Deja Vu for fabricating a suicide note” in the Chosun Ilbo

Criticism is mounting against the Chosun Ilbo, which reported that an executive at the site at the time of the self-immolation of the head of the Gangwon Construction Branch of the Gangwon Construction Union in Yanghoe-dong, did not dissuade him. Labor, media, and civil society organizations are announcing a line of condemnation statements demanding an […]

[국제]”North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear facility captures strong activity”… Nuclear material ‘production expansion’ in earnest?

38 North “It has already been completed as an experimental light water reactor and is likely to work”Kim Jong-un “expanding production of weapons-grade nuclear materials… spurring nuclear weapons”Increased traffic of special railroad vehicles, Yongbyon and Manpo Canal factoriesNorth Korea opposes ROK-US joint training… “will pay the price” <!– –> [앵커]North Korea-specialized […]