Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry had a very nice dinner in Budapest

What’s more, he didn’t even have dinner, but a surprise birthday dinner (which, as we know, stands out from the seemingly endless list of ordinary dinners), because Bloom organized a romantic evening for them at the Bábel restaurant in Budapest on the occasion of Perry’s birthday. The star couple celebrated Perry’s 38th birthday last week […]

Travis Scott returns to live performances with ten million HUF concert tickets

Last November, hundreds of people were injured and ten people were trampled to death at a concert by the super-popular rapper Travis Scott at the Astroworld festival. Since then, Scott has avoided the public and has not performed live. After nine months, the time for his comeback has just arrived, 20,000 people were curious about […]

Steven Spielberg made his first music video

Steven Spielberg, whose name has been synonymous with the directing profession for decades, has already directed a large number of films, but not yet a video clip. So far. A few days ago, the music video for Marcus Mumford’s song Cannibal appeared online, and it wasn’t until Monday that Mumford told the world that the […]

After thirty years, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan reunited

The Australians also have a series called Neighbors, but while in our country Károly Nemcsák and Anita Ábel started their careers on the namesake, Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue started their careers there, and since then the latter can be known more as a pop star than as a character in a soap opera. The […]

The jury of America’s Got Talent went crazy from a dog dancer from Hungary

An Australian Shepherd named Christine Elisabeth and Meredith, Bérczes, made it to the top of America’s Got Talent Talent Search with four dances in a dance production that has only been seen by one and a half million on Facebook alone. In Bérczes Hollókő he breeds Australian Shepherds and runs a dance school. In a […]

Would JK Rowling put the Ukrainian coat of arms on Harry Potter’s forehead instead of the Z?

The Russian state TV channel Pervij Kanal appeared with a very bizarre recording. Two well-known Russian prankers, Volodymyr Zelensky, allegedly persuaded JK Rowling by telephone to redraw the injury on Harry Potter’s forehead according to the Ukrainian coat of arms because, given the geopolitical situation, the Z-shape was unfortunate. The recording was cut out several […]

Tom Hanks yelled at fans after his wife tripped over them

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, walked out of a New York restaurant on Wednesday as they were surrounded by fans. The couple tried to get to their car in a crash opened by a security guard, but it went awkwardly because of self-interest fans and paparazzi. After Wilson stumbled over one of them, […]

Telex: That’s good for deepfake: Terminator, starring Sylvester Stallone

Deepfake technology has been a hot topic for quite a few years, with experts arguing that it will be able to produce fake videos that no one can distinguish from the original. Not to mention, it’s really a daunting prospect to put virtually anything in the mouths of celebrities, billionaires, or even country leaders – […]