Tom Hanks yelled at fans after his wife tripped over them

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, walked out of a New York restaurant on Wednesday as they were surrounded by fans. The couple tried to get to their car in a crash opened by a security guard, but it went awkwardly because of self-interest fans and paparazzi. After Wilson stumbled over one of them, […]

Telex: That’s good for deepfake: Terminator, starring Sylvester Stallone

Deepfake technology has been a hot topic for quite a few years, with experts arguing that it will be able to produce fake videos that no one can distinguish from the original. Not to mention, it’s really a daunting prospect to put virtually anything in the mouths of celebrities, billionaires, or even country leaders – […]

Thor’s hammer and Draco Malfoy’s Nimbus 2001 are also on auction

In addition to Thor ‘s hammer, Marilyn Monroe wore her clothes in movies, a Star Wars: New Hope six original assault squad helmets and 1,400 other famous items will be bidding at Julien’s auction house, MTI writes. Julien’s Auction House and Turner Classic Movies will be selling items such as the title character’s shield for […]

Bomb came up with a good song at $ AP Rocky

It was a long time ago that A $ AP Rocky would have released a new album or mixtape. Specifically, he has only released songs since the highly experimental Testing of 2018, but also the last two years since he brought out the clip for Babushka Boy. Perhaps even more missing is her partner, Rihanna, […]

John Lennon and Paul McCartney sang a virtual duet together

The relationship between the two former stars of Liverpool’s The Beatles wasn’t always cloudy, with Paul McCartney now saluting in the United States. As an article in TMZ magazine recalls, the relationship between Paul McCartney, 80 years old but still active, and John Lennon, who was assassinated in 1980, was rippling, but this week Paul […]