For ten years, nobody cared about Jimmy Zámbó’s car

The singer bought the late King’s car three years ago. Március közepén kis híján kitört a Jimmy-háború: ahogy korábban megírtuk, Alekoszt felháborította, hogy Peter Srámek, aki A Király című, RTL+-on látható sorozatban Zámbó Jimmy dalait énekelte, megvehette Jimmy legendás Mercedesét, ráadásul pár hónapja össze is törte egy közúti balesetben. Alekosz szerint Zámbó Jimmy járgányának egy […]

Who is Háfra Mari? –

Zambo Jimmy he was married twice, but it is known that he was a big fan of the female sex and had lovers in addition to his wives, Vera and then Edit. There were well-known beauties among the ladies. His most and most openly discussed extramarital affair – which The king also received a prominent […]

Is Király the best Hungarian series ever made?

Rewrite this content How does the King of the series age and how loud is he? And why can the female characters shine next to him? The 10-part series about the life of Jimmy Zámbó, which blew up RTL’s own streaming platform, has come to an end. Judit Lola Bodnár and Inkei Bence analyze it […]

Sebasztián Zámbó: “I don’t live off my father!”

Rewrite this content Sebastián Zámbó, Jimmy, the middle son, refers to himself as a completely ordinary person who went to catering college and then got a job in the hospitality industry. He did this for about 15 years, after which he met his current bride, with whom he moved to Austria, writes the Glance. Photo: […]

Ms. Edit about the Jimmy series –

Zambo Jimmy and Adrian recently gave us a glimpse into their lives by showing us their home in Csepel. Jimmy still sleeps in the same room where the accident occurred years ago, but he insists that it does not bother him. Adrián shared his thoughts on the series and revealed that Mrs. Edith is the […]

Index – FOMO – Krisztián Zámbó called Gjon Delhusa a liar

Delhusa Gjon appeared on RTL’s show Focus a week ago, where he reported that Jimmy Zámbó asked him for a large sum of money in December 2000, prior to his death. The popular singer wanted Delhusa’s label to release his records, and requested an advance for the albums, which he received. Delhusa stated that he […]