ORF chaos! Silbereisen announced, but he doesn’t come – Schlager

If the ORF has its way, Florian Silbereisen will celebrate a “Feste” open air in Schladming on July 23. “Today” asked in the Dachstein region. After his successful “Schlagerfest XXL” tour through German-speaking countries, the entertainer returns to the TV screens in July with two shows. And while the ARD even announced a third “Schlagershow” […]

Experts: Corona hospital numbers will soon explode – corona virus

The corona forecasts are bleak. A summer wave is rushing through Austria with full force – the hospitals are rapidly filling up with Covid patients. On Monday, molecular biologist Ulrich Elling im “Today”-Conversation a grim prognosis. As early as this week, the corona numbers will “clearly exceed the 10,000 mark”. Two days later this is […]

This Corona message now worries Vienna – Vienna

The number of corona cases in Austria is rising again significantly – the virus is also still spreading in the federal capital. The Vienna Health Authority and the City of Vienna’s medical crisis team provide regular information on the current number of cases and other key figures on the Covid-19 virus. As of Tuesday, 933,423 […]

“Many cried” – airport chaos after flight cancellations – travel

Due to a lack of staff, operations at several airports are progressing slowly. There were hours of waiting at Schiphol Airport. The situation at various major airports in Europe is currently precarious due to acute staff shortages. London’s Gatwick Airport announced on Friday that it would reduce the number of daily flights to counteract the […]

How much Swiss CEOs earn | Company Switzerland

share Security representing a share in the capital of a public company. It assures the owner of membership rights (voting and election rights at the general meeting) and property rights (right to share in the profits, share in capital increases or in the liquidation result). All articles for this technical term Blue Chips Designation for […]

6,400 new infections – Corona numbers doubled – Corona virus

The corona virus is driving the number of cases in Austria up again. There have been around 6,400 new infections in the last 24 hours. 2,905 new cases on Monday, 4,242 on Tuesday, 6,869 on Wednesday, 7,093 on Thursday, 4,941 on Friday and 5,407 on Saturday – the number of new infections in Austria has […]

Increased warning level – storm rages at the gates of Vienna – weather

A hailstorm is rolling over Austria on the “hottest day of the year” so far – in the east, a strong storm is causing an increased weather warning. The “hottest day of the year” so far brings not only temperatures of up to 36 degrees on Sunday, but also severe storms including hail – here […]

Holidays in the USA: These stocks belong in your luggage | companies abroad

The United States is dismantling a hurdle that lasted about a year and a half. As of this week, travelers no longer have to show a negative Covid test. The travel, tourism and leisure industry is particularly pleased about this. Actually, the stocks from this industry and the related sectors should benefit from the opening […]

Misha Moser is twice Swiss Champion P2

On the weekend of 04./05. The Swiss Junior Artistic Gymnastics Championships took place in Lugano in June. The most talented gymnasts from all over Switzerland compete against each other here. The Gymnastics Center Fürstenland Turner was represented by a total of 9 gymnasts and the former TZF player Linus Eisenring. P2 Swiss Champion Team. zVg […]

Price usury! A kilo of strawberries for 16 euros – Lower Austria

Strawberries are now in high season: the prices of the sweet, red fruits vary in Lower Austria from 6 to 15.98 euros per kilo. A price comparison is worthwhile. The Ukraine war and the corona pandemic have far-reaching economic consequences for people in Austria – more about this here. Food prices keep rising. A customer […]