Panda twins in Berlin are weaned by their mother

Published: Thursday, 11/11/2021 4:58 PM For the two panda boys in Berlin there will soon only be vegetable food to eat. There are health reasons behind this. © Christoph Soeder (dpa) offspring Berlin (dpa) – Germany’s first panda offspring in Berlin will soon stand on their own two feet: The twins Pit and Paule would […]

The director of the Jurques zoo awarded the tourism gold medal

More than forty years of work, this is what came to reward the gold medal of tourism, given to Claude Ourry, Friday October 22, 2021, CEO of the zoo of Jurques (municipality of Dialan-sur-Chaîne), installed since 1977 between Caen and Vire. “The Ourry family has made it a major tourist site, with original economic activities […]

Tourist jumps out of car, faces 11 tigers in park and escapes alive – News

On October 1, 2003, the US Emergency Service receives a call from a man who says he urgently needs care after being attacked by a pit bull. It was a half-truth: he really needed attention, but he had been attacked by a much wilder animal, a three-year-old, 200 kg Siberian tiger. Thus, the story of […]

Oral sex: Two gorillas star in a scene in a zoo – People – Culture

A netizen shared the images of two gorillas who made the practice socially known as ‘Oral sex’. This man had gone with his family to Bronx Zoo, in New York, and captured the moment with the gaze and humor that caused the situation in the audience. (We recommend: Video: Farmer finds a creepy ‘Rat King’ […]

A gray-headed marten was born at the Pescheray zoo, in Sarthe, “a first in France”

Sunday August 15, 2021, the Pescheray zoo recorded the birth of a tayra, a gray-headed marten. According to the establishment located in Breil-sur-Mérize (Sarthe), this is a first in France. A tayra, a gray-headed marten, gave its first cry Sunday, August 15, 2021, at the Pescheray Zoo. According to the Domaine located in Breil-sur-Mérize (Sarthe), […]

This is the Forbidden Love Story Between Chimpanzees and Humans

Antwerp – Love is indiscriminate. But if it happened between a human and a chimpanzee, it could be dizzying. That’s how Adie Timmermans felt. Reported from TMZ, this woman became one of the loyal visitors of the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. Every week Adie would come to the zoo and hang out with Chita. Chita […]

Pandas, felines … the births of young are good business for zoos

DECRYPTION – Very shared on social networks, photos of newborns of certain species allow zoos to attract new visitors. «I am very surprised, I did not expect at all such a media surge, we are talking about it all over the world, it is a real “pandamania””. Rodolphe Delors, president of the Beauval zoo and […]