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Wanderings, of Lajos Kassák. Translated from Hungarian and prefaced by Roger Richard. Séguier, 248 pp., € 19.

Hungarian avant-garde writer, painter and poet Lajos Kassák tells the picaresque story of his walking tour from Budapest to Paris, which he undertook in 1909 at the age of 22. His traveling companions include the wood sculptor Gödrös and then Emil Szittya. Published in 1927, the epic told in Wanderings is only part of a long autobiographical cycle. Kassák’s writing reproduces violence, surprises, images, everything that, in such a journey, involves comedy and appearance.

Works, of Rabindranath Tagore. Traduction of english and bengali by a collective, preface by Saraju Gita Banerjee and Fabien Chartier. Gallimard “Quarto”, 1,632 pp., € 31. And Kabuliwallah and other stories. Translated from Bengali (India) by Bee Formentelli. Zulma pocket, 336 pp., € 9.95.

The Indian Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), 1913 Nobel Prize winner, touched on all genres: poetry, novel, short stories, theater, essay. Two books give the opportunity to (re) read it. Partisan of peaceful resistance to colonialism, Brahmin hostile to the caste system and defender of the emancipation of women, Tagore expresses his positions in his writings. Strolling in acrostic mode by following the letters of his first and last name, Rabindranath meaning in Bengali “Lord of the Sun”.

The Notable Roundup, ofAnne Sinclair. Grasset, 128 pp., € 13 (ebook: € 8.99).

The Notables’ Roundup tells the story of Anne Sinclair’s paternal grandfather, Léonce Schwartz, rounded up with some notables in late 1941 and imprisoned in the Compiègne camp. Falling ill and taken to Val-de-Grâce, he escaped from the extermination camp but died in May 1945 of his weakness. The journalist investigated this episode, which her father had not told her about.

The gates of Thebes: shards of the year two thousand and fifteen, of Mathieu Riboulet, Verdier, 80 pp., € 12.50 (€ 8.99).

The Doors of Thebes, posthumous publication of Mathieu Riboulet disappeared at 57 years old on February 5, 2018, wants to be the story of “Shards of the year two thousand and fifteen”. The shards are aftershocks of two earthquakes, one personal, the other worldwide, which arrived a few days apart: the diagnosis of his liver cancer and the Bataclan attack. It is the diary of a disease that is progressing inexorably, as much as a reflection on the fate of the Middle East, as well as an erotic fantasy to the glory of dark-skinned men.

Dark and sacred night, of Michael Connelly. Translated from the English (United States) by Robert Pépin, Calmann-Lévy “Noir”, 400 pp., € 21.90 (ebook: € 15.99).

The new thriller of the American Michael Connelly prances in the sales of digital books probably because he is predictable and reassuring. Her new heroine, LAPD inspector Renée Ballard, was posted to the Hollywood night service for speaking out against her superior who had attempted to rape her. His filing brought him to be excluded from the “robbery and homicide” elite division. She will dive into a cold case (“Case closed”), the assassination of a young prostitute whose collapsed mother was taken in by Harry Bosch, yes, the famous iconic inspector of Conolly, barely tidied up of cars.




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