Friday, November 8, 2019

04:13 PM

Taher Mohamed Taher, the player of the Arab Contractors team and the Egyptian Olympic team, stuck to stay with his country despite the injury suffered by "Pharaohs".

Taher Mohamed Taher suffered a groin injury that will deprive him of participating with the Olympic team in the African Cup of Nations under-23 matches.

The Arab contractor said in remarks via the Egyptian Football Association "Twitter": "We are all soldiers in the service of Egypt, and we promised that any 11 players will be all behind them."

Egyptian Olympic coach Shawki Gharib decided on Thursday to rule out both Taher Mohamed Taher and Mahmoud Marei for injury.

The Egyptian team is preparing to face the Olympic team Mali, on Friday, at the stadium "Cairo Stadium" in the first round of Group A.

Egypt are at the top of Group A with Mali, Cameroon and Ghana.

It is worth mentioning that the tournament is witnessing the participation of eight teams where the first three teams qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held next year.


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