The issue of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in his consulate in Istanbul overshadowed the current session of the Algiers International Book Fair, which continues until Saturday, and gave it special impetus through the echo of the novel "The Assassination of a Journalist" by the Algerian novelist Jamal al-Saghir. Many wondered how the novel was written and printed so quickly, thinking that it was linked to the death of Khashoggi, who sparked international outrage. The author of the novel said that he received contacts asking about the relationship of the novel to the Khashoggi crisis and how it was processed in this short time. Dar al-Karkhia "for publishing and distribution of Algeria as a link to Khashoggi's death because it was issued before the crisis and is happening in the form of a fictitious Cheikh's policy based on realistic characters. It begins with a meeting in a bus to transport passengers between Khaled Al-Jazairi, Omran. During the exchange of the two parties, Ibn Amran says vague words that raise the curiosity of journalist Khaled. At the same station, Ibn Omran is a few meters away from Khalid, abducted by four unknown people who are descending from a black four-wheel drive. The killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi sparked widespread international outrage (websites) an encrypted message
Here began the mystery, and began the journalist Khalid to solve the puzzles through an encrypted message left by Ibn Amran, to discover in the end that the latter Algerian scientist in the field of pharmacy deny to be filtered. The novel, the first work of the writer, reveals that the journalist Khalid had gone to the house of the kidnapped world and found an eight-page letter to his mother telling him everything.

At that time, a serious illness began to spread in Algeria, where the patient died 45 days after being hospitalized. The story is based on the message that this astounding disease puzzled doctors who failed to find a cure, until a US company emerged to make a serious drug, sought to promote in many African countries, including Algeria.

Ibn Amran said in the same letter that he knows the actual medicine well, and that there is no one in Algeria who can manufacture it but another world, but settled outside the country. In search and investigation, the protagonist was able to find serious corruption files and decided to launch a live program exposing all those involved in the case. Khaled receives the support of the director of his media organization, but once the program is over he is arrested, then supported by the people, the media family and activists, but eventually dies at the hands of one of his friends. Just a coincidence
Jamal al-Saghir said that the work took a year and a half of writing, and faced many difficulties in accomplishing the nature and sensitivity of the subject. He added that the work events are fictional, mixed with reality and linked to realistic figures in the media and security in Algeria. The hero of the novel was a patriotic man and not an opponent. When I exposed the largest American drug company in the world and its plan to flood Algeria with a serious disease in order to sell medicine at exorbitant prices to the government, the republic suspended its dealings with this company. The young author said he did not expect the publication of this work or printed so quickly, being his first experience in the field of novel, and especially the police literature, which was afraid to fight a bit.



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