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Taika Waititi's live action Akira is released

We finally know when Akira is directed to the theaters.

The long-developing live-action scenes take on one of the most iconic anime ever to be directed by them Thor: RagnarokTaika Waititi of Studio Warner Brothers has received an official release date on May 21, 2021. (over The Hollywood reporter)

The 1988 original, staged by Katsuhiro Otomo (who also created the manga on which it was based), is about a young man who, after a serious motorcycle accident, unleashes his telekinetic powers and poses a threat to the militaristic government that oversees "Neo" reigns Tokyo "in the distant dystopian future of 2019 (yes, really) .It was a groundbreaking film that was mainly used to introduce the world into Japanese animation, not to mention animated food samples directly attached to it Adults, and the genre / aesthetics that should be known as cyberpunk, filmmakers, video game artists, and even musicians have cited the work as an influence, but their Hollywood adaptation has long been in a particularly dark corner of this beautiful area as development hell is known.

Ownership rights have been with Warner Brothers since 2002, and the studio initially focused on Stephen Norrington (blade) to take over the project. Then Norrington's next film, 2003s The league of extraordinary gentlemenfell flat on his face – causing him to be booted off Akira, and the game of director chairs begins.

Around 2008, Leonardo DiCaprio began producing the project through his aspiring production company Appian Way. He commissioned Gary Whitta with a script (The book of Eli) with regard to the allocation of the director's chair to Ruairi Robinson (The last days on Mars). These two finally left the project, whereupon it was passed on to the Hughes Brothers (Threat II society). They might have actually gone through the project if their script – which frankly was a slaughter of the source material – had not leaked out, resulting in a reaction of sheer rage AkiraIt's a legion of fans.

More creative people came and went in the next few years, including Jaume Collet-Serra (The shallows), Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond) and George Miller (Mad Max: Rage); The film was even rejected by Jordan Peele, who was offered the job shortly after the success of his breakthrough film Go out.

In Waititi, Warner Brothers may have finally found a filmmaker capable of staying true to the uniquely bizarre and … well, very Japanese style, yet delivering a box-office hit that can make a lot of tickets in the US. This is the man who has single-handedly rehabilitated Thor's character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With RagnarokHe performed a full 180 degree tone reversal from the previous entry Thor: The dark world while at the same time staying true to the figure's bow set by former filmmakers and He left his clear (and very silly) fingerprints throughout the project.

Speak with ScreenRant about the movie in late 2017 (that's right, he was in talks for this assignment before Ragnarok The director said that he wanted his vision of Akiraand adapted the manga rather than the anime. "I always felt it was something that had a unique attitude," he said. "But I do not think the world needs a remake of the anime, I think for me it would be, if there is a real possibility for it, I would really just want to look at an adaptation of the books in a new way."

In a separate conversation with IGNWaititi made it clear that he would not fall prey to this Ghost in the shell effect. The 2017 anime adaptation received Flak and many of them for the perceived whitewashing (as the casting of Scarlett Johansson in the lead role). "Asian teenagers would be the way to do this for me … like no name, I mean some kind of unfounded, untapped talent," he said. "Yes, I would probably want to bring it a bit more towards the books."

We'll have to wait a few years to see how Waititis's vision comes to fruition, but let the guy down – he's pretty busy. He has just completed his directing work for the upcoming dark comedy of World War II Jojo Rabbit and the Disney + Star Wars series The MandalorianHe will perform at least one episode of directing time bandits Series for Apple, and – if its Ragnarok One has to believe that Star Tessa Thompson will be courted by the Marvel Studios to return to fourth place in the herd Thor Film, which would probably be part of Mighty Marvel's more immediate plans for Phase 4 of the MCU.

But fans of Akira Today we have reason to celebrate, because the long-awaited transformation of the beloved property not only finally has a firm place in the program, but is also in extremely competent hands. Waititi will write the film together with Michael Golamco (Always be my maybe) and DiCaprio – who was always the biggest champion of the project – is still on board as a producer. Go online and find a calendar for 2021 now, because there is a date that needs to be circled.


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