Taillight: A Grinch at the teacher's desk - tagesschau.de

Taillight: A Grinch at the teacher's desk - tagesschau.de

For the children, the anticipation for Christmas is probably greatest. There was a 1st class in the US not otherwise. Until her teacher turned out to be a real Christmas muffle.

By Martin Ganslmeier, ARD Studio Washington

The incident occurred in the first grade of Cedar Hill Elementary School in Montville, New Jersey. A teacher, who has been teaching as a substitute for several years, asked the 22 first graders which party would be celebrated soon. "Christmas!", The children answered enthusiastically.

Everything humbug

But what happened next must, according to several parents, have deeply disturbed the six- and seven-year-old children. The teacher, who in the parents' Facebook group is only called "Ms. M" or "Grinch", explained to the stunned children: There is no Santa Claus Kris Kringle. Also no Christmas Elves. And reindeer could not fly – all humbug. In truth, the presents under the Christmas tree would not come from Santa Claus and his North Pole mates, but from their parents.

In response to the frightened faces of the first years, the teacher added: Even the Easter bunnies do not really exist. And the tooth fairy, who puts money under the pillow when children lose their milk teeth – even she is just an invention of the parents.

Among the parents of elementary school children, the incident caused a veritable storm of protest. Her daughter had come home in tears, wrote a mother on Facebook and demanded: "Never destroy our Christmas spirit again!" Others report visiting Santa Claus in the mall and other desperate attempts to limit the damage.

Teacher is not allowed to teach anymore

The director of Cedar Hill Elementary School, Michael Raj, publicly apologized: As a father of four, he was aware of how sensitive Santa Claus was. The head of the school district, Rene Rovtar, went one step further: "The incident had" worried and discouraged "her. The substitute teacher is not allowed to teach in her school district anymore.

The regional newspaper "Jersey Journal" was even worth the editorial for an editorial. It was right that the teacher had to pay for her less sensitive approach. After all, the controversy surrounding Santa Claus since 1897 has been clarified once and for all. And then the newspaper commentary from columnist Francis Church's famous response to eight-year-old Virginia quoted:

"How dark would the world be if there were no Santa Claus, it would be as dark as there is no Virginia, there would be no faith, no poetry – nothing that would make life bearable." Santa is alive and he will last forever Even in ten thousand ten thousand years, he will be there to fill children like you and every open heart with joy, Merry Christmas, Virginia! "


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