Tak Hyun-min “I’m embarrassed to write on the left side of Jo Moon-rok”… Various leaders such as Japan, Switzerland and India wrote

▲ President Yun Seok-yeol writes a condolence note in mourning for Queen Elizabeth II at Church House in London, England on the 19th local time. ⓒYonhap News

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President Yun Seok-yeol attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England on the 19th (local time) and wrote the condolences on the left page, but former Blue House medical secretary Tak Hyun-min pointed out that “the condolences are not written on the back of someone else’s page.” .

However, unlike former secretary Tak’s Hun-su, it turned out that many of the world leaders who attended the funeral had written condolences on the left page.

Tak Hyun-min “Only 尹 is written on the left… Pay attention to the details”

Former secretary Tak appeared on KBS Radio’s ‘Jinwoo Joo Live’ on the 20th and said, “The picture of President Yoon Seok-yeol, who is writing Jo Moon-rok, should not have been released.”

Tak pointed out, “When writing condolences, they are usually written on the right side of the page, and by top officials.”

He also criticized, “I think every little detail proves that we are not prepared.”

Regarding President Yoon’s ‘cancellation of condolences’ controversy, he said, “Every time small facts are revealed, the position of the presidential office is inevitably difficult. I want you to take care of it,” he emphasized. “An explanation is not important,” he added.

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▲ Indian President Drupadi Murmu writes a condolence note to Queen Elizabeth II at Lancaster House in London on the 18th local time. ⓒYonhap News

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World leaders write the condolences on the left page

However, contrary to the assertion of former secretary Tak, it was found that many foreign leaders left condolence messages on the left page of the Jo Moon-rok.

Indian President Drupadi Murmu wrote on the left page when writing the condolences at Lancaster House in London on the 18th, and Emperor Naruhito and Queen Masako also wrote the condolences on the left page at the Church House in London on the 19th.

In addition, Swiss President Ignazio Cassis, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Singaporean President Halima Jacobs, Congo President Denis Sassu Ngueso, and Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan all used the left-hand page in preparing the memorandum.

U.S. President Joe Biden and King Albert II of Monaco used the right page of the condolences to leave messages, but it was confirmed that there was no regulation or guidance from the British royal family that “which page of the condolences must be used”.

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