Take a peek at the All New Lexus NX Featured Features at GJAW 2022 – Japanese automotive manufacturer, Lexus, showcases vehicle products hybrid electric luxury the latest at Jakarta Auto Week (GJAW) 2022.

At the event organized by the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), Lexus introduced the new face of the second generation of the NX Series, namely The All New Lexus NX.

Carrying the theme “The Next Chapter of Intuitive Luxury”, the latest generation of the NX Series comes in two variants, namely the NX 350h F Sport and NX 350h Luxury.

Through these two variants, Lexus tries to answer the needs of the Indonesian people for vehicles luxury. This can be seen from the various features and advantages embedded in The All New Lexus NX.

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One of the superior features of this vehicle is Intelligent Assistance which is equipped with a Voice Command system with a 14-inch Touch Screen Center Display.

This feature is here to make it easier for drivers to control various facilities, ranging from entertainment, navigation, air conditioning, to several other features via voice commands. To turn on this feature, the driver simply says “Hi, Lexus!”.

In addition, there is also an E-latch feature. Through this feature, Lexus strives to provide comfort for the driver in opening the vehicle door.

Dock. Lexus E-latch feature to open the door with one finger.

With the E-latch, the driver can open the vehicle door from outside or inside the cabin with just the touch of a finger.

Other features that drivers can also take advantage of are Wireless Apple Car Play, Wire-connect Android Auto, the third generation Lexus Safety System Plus, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC).

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Furthermore, the Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), and the Adaptive High Beam System (AHS). These three features can anticipate the risk of accidents on the way and help drivers to be safer when driving.

Give lots of updates

The All New Lexus NX is equipped with various innovations and updates, ranging from technology, features, to design. The goal is to accommodate a better driving experience for the people of Indonesia.

For this reason, The All New Lexus NX is presented by carrying tagline “Intuitively Yours”. Through tagline At this point, the update on The All New Lexus NX is expected to accommodate the needs of various rider characteristics.

General Manager of Lexus Indonesia Bansar Maduma said the two vehicles were also a form of his party’s efforts to introduce the new face of Lexus in the market as a starting point for The Next Brand Chapter.

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In addition, the presence of the NX 350h F Sport and NX 350h Luxury is also present to confirm the status of Lexus as a company luxury lifestyle brand.

Bansar said, The All New Lexus NX is not only the second generation of the Lexus Compact Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), but also the first step in opening a new chapter for Lexus in the future.

The All New Lexus NX 350h Sport.Dock. Lexus The All New Lexus NX 350h Sport.

“I’m sure this latest model can meet the needs of customers who want to look stunning,” said Bansar in a written statement received by, Wednesday (10/3/2022).

Bansar added, The All New Lexus NX is also part of the development of Lexus’ electrification technology in creating environmentally friendly products to reduce exhaust emissions.

“This is a form of commitment to Lexus’ vision of electrification. All of this can be realized by collaborating with partners and collaborating with the government. We want to make a contribution to society and a better life in the future,” said Bansar.

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Therefore, continued Bansar, both the NX 350h F Sport and the NX 350h Luxury have been equipped with the 4th generation engine from Lexus Hybrid Electric Drive which combines Hybrid Transaxle and Electric Motor.

Thanks to this engine, both cars are capable of producing a total power of 240 horsepower (hp) with a maximum torque of 239 Newton-meters (Nm) from the combustion engine and supported by instant torque from an electric motor of 270 Nm.

The combination of these two power sources makes the use of fuel more optimal and efficient.

For information, GJAW 2022 is held to boost the sales performance of the automotive sector in Indonesia, which has been sluggish due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, this event aims to maintain passion in the sector which is considered still promising in the first half of 2022.

For those who are interested in The All New Lexus NX product, please visit booth Lexus in Cendrawasih Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, from Saturday (12/3/2022) to Sunday (20/3/2022).