take out credit? (Bank)

Servus, I’ve already done a variety of my own research, but I’ve mostly only come across dubious offers:

I have been working since March 1st. this year with a company, the contract is open-ended and has no integrated trial period, I specifically asked for this to be taken out, which was not a problem because I had previously worked there on a voluntary basis and they knew me there.

Since the working hours there include night shifts and work on weekends and holidays, the plan is to get a car, the sooner the better.

Financing of around 18,000 euros is planned for 6-8 years, depending on, at best with possible special repayments.

The net income (level 1 in the collective agreement) is €1530, plus variable allowances (even if these are not taken into account), i.e. around €1700-1900/month. I spend around €700 a month.

The problem is that most loan requests are automatically rejected, since an employment period of 3 months is automatically assumed to be a probationary period (which, of course, does not exist).

Now the question: does anyone know of banks or lenders where financing is still possible? The loan can definitely be earmarked, and it would not be a problem to deposit the car letter.

I’m grateful for every tip and every answer.