“Take points”: Darmstadt plays 2:2 against Heidenheim

98 coach Torsten Lieberknecht praised the team demonstratively. “We’re happy to take the point,” he said. He highlighted three areas as particularly positive: “We had a lot of shots, won a lot of tackles and managed that Heidenheim didn’t get into their running-intensive game.” One of the strongest Darmstadt players was Manu, who also caused a lot of danger away from his goal. And now has the confidence not to be afraid that another striker could come along and challenge him for the spot before the transfer window closes. “Everyone wants to fight for their place, I will continue to fight for my place and not give it up so easily,” said the attacker. He feels comfortable in his current position: “I can develop and move freely, uncontrolled and not so predictable for the defenders.” It might have been enough to win, if not for a header from defender Patric Pfeiffer after an hour of the FCH goalkeeper Kevin Müller would have reacted brilliantly. “He’ll do it again next week,” said midfielder Tobias Kempe about the next home game next Sunday (1:30 p.m.) against Bundesliga relegated Arminia Bielefeld.