“Takes a pretty big cost themselves”

The Swedish Football Association announced on Sunday that the association has agreed with the women’s national team on a championship agreement for this summer’s European Championships in England. At European Championship gold, the players receive SEK 578,000 each, and at the same time the parties have decided that SvFF undertakes to be a driving force within Fifa and Uefa in order for the championship compensation, which comes from the organizations, to be more equal in the future.

UEFA’s total prize money has – from the European Championships 2017 to the European Championships 2022 – doubled from 8 to 16 million euros, just over 170 million kronor, while the prize money in the men’s European Championships 2021 in turn was 371 million euros, just over 3.9 billion kronor. Vid victory in all group games and EC gold gets Blågult 2,085 million euros, just over 22 million kronor in prize money.

National team manager Marika Domanski Lyfors is satisfied with the agreement.

– A good agreement, the discussions have landed well. There are two parts, an agreement, which gives the players compensation depending on how far we go in the tournament, but also a part, which is about working against Fifa and Uefa to raise the compensation level for women’s national teams, which participate in these tournaments , says Domanski Lyfors.

Based on the fact that all 23 national team players receive SEK 578,000 each at European Championship gold, Domanski Lyfors believes that the players receive around 80 percent of the total sum.

– You have to reckon with social security contributions and a bit of such things as well. Then it depends on how the results go in the group stage as well, whether it is wins or draws. Then it will be a little different, but about 80 percent goes out to the players if we take a gold. Then we have other costs, she says.

Would it be a negative deal in terms of money with a European Championship gold?

– It will be.

How much, do you think?
– A championship costs and depending on what level we end up at, between 10-15 million kroner, I think, somewhere there.

The national team manager further believes that SvFF is putting pressure on Fifa and Uefa through the increased compensation for the Swedish national team players in this year’s championship.

– We do this by showing that we use basically all prize money for our players and that means that we take a fairly large cost ourselves. We want you to focus on the players’ achievements, as you do on the men’s side, and value them. The more money we get, the more money we get the opportunity to spread to Swedish football. This is where we want to land, that you contribute to the whole of Swedish football even when we play championships on the women’s side, she says.

Domanski Lyfors on SvFF’s power in pressure to get Fifa and Uefa to put in more prize money for the women’s championship:

– We are a large football nation on the women’s side and we have very many who work abroad internationally. If everyone presses … and at the same time we have Nordic co-operation, which I also think we can benefit from. Then we can have great opportunities, she says and continues.

– We also have Karl-Erik (Nilsson), who is vice chairman of Uefa, so there are great opportunities. Then I also think that the rest of the world is starting to look at that if you can get income from the women’s side as well – then it also means that you can get more income for your domestic football. Then you feel somewhere that you have the opportunity to contribute to the whole in Swedish football. That is what is so important for the girls, that we land there, and then the compensation needs to be increased from Fifa and Uefa.

Do you think there is a strong will within Fifa and Uefa to close the gap between the prize money on the men’s and women’s side?
– I hope so. After all, quite a lot has happened lately. They have still shown that they have increased the compensation for this championship and the same Fifa, but we have a long way to go if you look at how much compensation there is on the men’s side.