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Tales of Berlin Film Chinese film out of the official competition ….. Masrawy

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Berlin – Ahmed Al-Jazzar:

For this reason, a Chinese film was released from the official competition

For technical reasons, the famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou was forced to withdraw his film "One Second" from the show in the official competition films after the version had some problems during the post production process.

The director of the festival said Tuesday evening that it was decided to show "Hero", the same director, at the same dates as the other film.

After entering the festival for the first time .. "Netflix" announces the production of three new series in Germany and Norway

Netflix, the producer of three series in Germany and Norway, has announced the production of three television series, "Days of TV Drama," on the sidelines of the Berlin Film Festival. The company, which is presenting for the first time one of its films in the official competition of the festival, Native in Germany and Norway.

The network confirmed that one of these German dramas will be presented by director Christian Dieter about the exciting story of a student at the Faculty of Medicine, and its position on new technology.

The other is for a woman to leave the hard-line Orthodox life she grew up in New York and start a new life in Berlin.

The last of the series is horror stories about Norway, and will be directed by the writer and director, as the assassination of Andergard, who has already made films "bloody angels" and "beautiful and brutal."

According to the "Hollywood Reporter" .. The opening film the weakest among the films of the official competition

Despite the interest of the Berlin Film Festival in presenting the Danish film "The Good of Strangers" at the opening of the festival's 69th session, it is interesting to note that the film has so far been among the 16 films in the official competition, "The film earned a rating of 1.6 out of 5, while it received the highest rating among the 12 films that have been shown so far. The Macedonian film" God is there, its name is Patronia, "which received a 2.8 rating, Doug "by Wang Kunan.

Macedonian Minister of Culture sees his country's film "God exists .. My name is Patronia"

Asaf Ademi, the Macedonian Minister of Culture, is keen to attend the premiere of the film "God exists .. I am Patronia", which represents his country in the official competition of the festival during the 69th session, which is currently held from February 7 to 17.

He was greeted on the red carpet by Monica Grothers, the representative of the Federal Government for Culture and Information. She also watched the film, which tells the story of a girl who was exposed to many problems with her family and clergy after participating in religious rites exclusively for men in a Macedonian city. It has done to expose its society and reveal the falsity within it.



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