Taliban reveal Mullah Omar’s grave – Taliban

Kabul – The organization has revealed that the grave of Taliban founder Mullah Omar is located in Omarso in Suri district of Zabul province in Afghanistan. The organization itself is revealing this after 9 years. The Taliban spokesperson Zabibullah Mujahid also released the information about the ceremony in which leaders and family members participated in the grave last day.

During the US occupation, there were many rumors about Mullah Omar’s death. Although he died in 2013, the Taliban confirmed this in 2015. A Taliban spokesman said that it was not revealed earlier because of the fear that the enemy might destroy the tomb.

After the US troops decided to leave Afghanistan, the Taliban regained power in the country last year. The Taliban was founded by Mullah Omar in 1993 during the Afghan civil war.

English Summary: Burial Place Of Taliban Founder Kept Secret For 9 Years, Now Revealed