Talk to each other, the remedy for disintegration


The chronicle of Frédéric Boyer.

Mom tells me she's going as best she can. She watched TV and told me: "We went crazy. " One of his favorite phrases lately. She talks about all of us, collectively, about our little broken family, and about all of us socially today, divided, not at the best of our form. In fatigue she associates herself with the distance of her old age, from what she perceives from the mad and exhausted rumor of the world. I ask her why she told me that. She does not hear me.

I do not know how, my friends, you live this period of conflict which is also accompanied by a disintegration of values, ideals, and relaxation of the worst impulses of each other. Such a fragrance of disintegration. Something rotten in the fruit of the common good. Disgusting and cowardly anti-Semitic tags, insults on the public road and intimidations, grotesque and pathetic calls to sedition launched by sad little political Tartarin, revolutionary apprentices and conspirators … We can not even see the subversive expression of an authentic culture. popular carnival that would play on reversals of values ​​and codes. No. The language is sad. Laughter is banned. Self-deprecation inexistent. Everything is invaded by a formidable, and oh how ridiculous, "spirit of seriousness".

Some will tell me that it is inevitable in such moments of crisis and distress. Others will mock so much sensitivity, and recall the demands of social justice at the root of this upheaval. But are we certain, sincerely, that this deceitful deception, this violence of words, this pornography of expression and feelings serve the requirements of social justice? I think exactly the opposite. By allowing what is to be described as a form of mental confusion to be propagated, any possibility of a just and courageous response to the needs of social and human dignity will be dried up in a twilight climate of general confusion. And finally, unfortunately, it could benefit especially those who prefer to remain deaf to these needs and who have any interest. They are numerous.

We are undoubtedly experiencing a crisis of social dignity. We broke the political link between need and dignity. That is to say between the need (to eat to his hunger, to give an education to his children, to live properly from his work, to be able to lodge decently, to have the capacity to move …) and the price that we are collectively ready to recognize him. When we should pay the greatest attention to the fragility of the good between us, we make ourselves even more miserable.

Christian social thought, a resource for the current crisis

A political approach must make us understand our relationship to the common good and engage on that front – as, for example, the links between being well nurtured, well housed and being free, between Physical Integrity and Moral Action … The pressing and central character of such duties is the task of politics. This requires recognizing the fragilities of both, the often precarious social and economic systems we build. But also to recognize the fragility of our relationships, the diversity of our common balances. By recognizing these vulnerabilities and their relationship with social actions, we are encouraged to live together, through the proper distribution and redistribution of material goods, so that every citizen has them in sufficient quantity, but also through constant concern. necessities that bring us together. What I mean is that where the impulse is released, free and violent speech multiplies, the political space is probably cracking because he has deserted his fight, to let us be fooled either of selfish economic rationalization, being dupes of violence itself and of our own divisions.

After rejection of the policy, restore confidence

I suddenly remember that Mom used to tell us: "I hope that in life you will do better than us. " It was terrible. That she could wish us this seemed obvious to us but it was terrible, yes. Like a real proof of love and sacrifice. Because it is not certain that this is what happened. I mean, we can not measure life to what we say we have had or hope to have or have wanted. It is life that possesses us with all our failings. And our collective task, to regain the trust between us, is to think about the questions of life, about all that society has to face, about social justice between us, about the love and care we owe to children , the sick, the elderly, and the respect of others.

Frederic Boyer



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