“Talking about opportunities despite the crisis” |

oxaion has specialized in ERP software for medium-sized companies in industry and wholesale. Markus Hufnagl and Jürgen Mörth from the three-person management team of the Austrian branch talk in an interview about the advantages and the award of oxaion as “ERP System of the Year” and the importance of looking beyond the crisis. […]

Jürgen Mörth, managing director of oxaion, is responsible for marketing and sales. (c) oxaion

How do you assess the current ERP market?

Jürgen Mörth: After a short break, the ERP market is now back on the move. The start of some ERP evaluations was clearly postponed by the lockdown, but not canceled. The high subsidies for IT projects now lead to faster decisions.

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently the No. 1 topic …

Markus Hufnagl: That is a shame, because there are so many topics such as environmental protection or digitalization that would be important and noteworthy. We should rather talk about new paths and opportunities right now in the crisis, because one thing is clear that the world will be different after Covid-19. Just a small example from our industry: It has been shown that many appointments – whether presentations, workshops, training courses or simple meetings – are also possible via the Internet. Often much more efficient and of course you save travel expenses and protect the environment.

Markus Hufnagl, managing director of oxaion, is responsible for finances, organization and customer care. (c) oxaion

How badly did the pandemic hit Oxaion?

Markus Hufnagl: Of course, Covid-19 has not left us without a trace, but as an IT company, the effects are nowhere near as drastic as in other industries. We were able to switch to home office ad hoc and due to the excellent business development of the previous months, we still had enough backlog in the service to be able to bridge the lockdown. We also used the months to expand our mobility portfolio and develop new portal solutions.

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Is it even possible to acquire new customers in the pandemic? If so, are there industries that are doing better?

Jürgen Mörth: Yes, acquiring new customers is a challenge in these difficult times, but it is possible. We are very pleased to have gained oxaion customers during this period. The medical technology sector seems to be particularly crisis-proof. With our industry solution, we are ideally positioned here.

oxaion is a member of the Modula Group: What are the advantages for the customer?

Jürgen Mörth: The Modula Group supports medium-sized companies in digitizing their processes with consistency right through to the production machine. In the past, best-of-breed installations were implemented by several manufacturers. This often meant project-related interfaces and no deeper integration. With the Modula Group, we deliver everything from a single source. For our customers this means: one budget, one responsibility, one continuous support.

In 2019, oxaion was voted ERP system of the year again – for three years in a row. What does this award mean for you?

Jürgen Mörth: We regularly face external assessments in order to not only deliver a very good product to our customers, but also an excellent quality of support.

In the current Trovarit study, where user satisfaction with the system and the provider is measured, we have improved again and are still in the leader quadrant.

The “ERP system of the year” award assesses not only functionality, but also ergonomics and technology. This gives our interested parties the security of relying on a modern, innovative ERP system.

Where is there still need for optimization or what are you currently working on? What new developments can your customers expect?

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Markus Hufnagl: The new HTML 5 client has just been completed. Customers can now decide whether they want to use the tried and tested Java client or the new web-based client. We are particularly proud of the rolling release concept, which we introduced with version 5.1, which was published this spring. deliver. The aim of the technology is that our customers can regularly install new software versions at the push of a button, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming release changes.

Our AI projects with the help of our new integrated AI platform consistently aim at reducing costs and increasing productivity. Complex business processes are automated by powerful cognitive business robots – i.e. digital employees.