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Tall people are more exposed to cancer

Credits: iStockSmall people have a higher risk of cancer, a study reveals, because they have more cells in their body. And who says more cells, says more potentially cancerous mutations. The details of the study are reported in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. A number of studies have previously shown a link between a large size and a higher risk of developing a form of cancer. If it was previously thought that certain growth hormones could play a role, a recent study offers a more "simple" explanation: tall people simply have more cells. Recall that the process of cancerization occurs at the cellular level. At first a lesion is observed at the level of the DNA of a cell, this cell is transformed and then forms a group of identical cells. They are no longer linked to the fabric to which they belonged, and proliferate in an anarchic way. Having more cells in the body would increase the risk of mutations.Credit: iStockLeonard Nunney and his team at the University of California Riverside (USA) have gone back to previous studies, comparing the risk of developing a cancer of any type with the size of the individuals concerned. The result is an increased risk of 13% for women for every additional 10 cm, and an increased risk of 11% for men. The size of an individual is essentially determined by its genes, "this means that this excess risk is innate and can not be reduced," says the researcher. He also notes that melanoma – a cancer of the skin – shows a much stronger link with height. But people of great size do not worry too much. As Cancer Research UK's Georgina Hill explains: "A number of studies over the years have shown that tall people seem to have a slightly higher risk of cancer," says the researcher. But the increased risk is low and you can do a lot to reduce the risk of developing the disease, by not smoking, for example, and maintaining a weight of form. "SourceArticles Related: An AI is now able to detect breast cancer 99% Accuracy Too Much Pollution Would Be Linked to an Increased Risk of Oral CancersAustralia Will Become the First Country in the World to Eliminate Cervical CancerSmall People Are More Exposed to CancerRate this news More articles in HEALTH


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