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Tamagochi in the Wild West. Review of the game Red Dead Redemption 2

For 20 years in the gaming industry studio Rockstar has learned to make games. This is confirmed by millions of gamers who regularly allow developers to beat sales records. The reason is simple – every time Rockstar raises the bar for quality, which is why players awfully await the release of new studio projects.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was no exception and gathered in advance a crowd of fans who wanted to see a new world built by “rock stars”. Interest and heated video with gameplay, which overestimated the expectations of gamers. It got to the point that about 800 thousand people took sick leave in order to fully enjoy the game. Well, let's find out whether it was worth cheating bosses for the sake of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Welcome to the Van Der Linde Gang

The events of Red Dead Redemption 2 unfold in 1899, when the law came upon the Wild West, and the criminal gangs had to get used to the new order. One of these groups is led by Dutch Van Der Linde, who did not want to put up with the amendments to the law. After an unsuccessful robbery, the lawyers start to hunt for the gang, forcing Van Der Linde's charges to look for a new refuge.

The main hero of this story was Arthur Morgan, who Dutch as a child took into the gang, teaching the criminal craft. As a result, an experienced gangster appears in front of the player, who knows how to handle words and firearms, not disdaining to mess his hands. Yet lately he began to ask himself questions about the correctness of the path he chose, but the duty to the gang stifles doubts.

Against the background of the constant struggle with the law and mental agony of the protagonist, Red Dead Redemption 2 actions will take place. In general, the plot of the “red retaliation” resembles GTA 5, where the protagonists had to deal with the FBI while turning criminal cases. In addition, Arthur Morgan reminds me of Michael – the same criminal of the old school.

All the characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 are not without identity and their own zest. They are distinguished not only by their evil or good character, but also by their unique habits, as well as their convictions. For example, in the gang there is a guy from the Indian tribe who honors nature and is frantic when someone kills animals for fun. There is a crazy thug who just loves to kill and rape. You cannot list all the types, and you'd better see for yourself.

Gang members do not just serve as extras in the camp, but create an atmosphere that makes RDR 2 live. Let's start with the fact that the characters are always busy with something: the chefs prepare food, the bandits clean their weapons or play cards, Dutch is thinking about a new plan, etc. In addition, any camper may unexpectedly ask Arthur for a service.

With the basic composition of the characters of the player will be introduced during the first chapter, which, as for me, turned out to be drawn out. On the one hand, we are introduced to the characters and taught basic mechanics, such as hunting, shooting and cooking, but on the other hand, it slows down the pace. I can not write it in the minuses of the game, because the first chapter itself turned out to be interesting, but there is a feeling that the developers deliberately stretch the timing.

Wild West in all its glory

After a long introduction, the player is released into a large and open world. Rockstar really tried and made a huge map, which housed cities, fields and forests. By the way, the last couple took most of the space for themselves, so the player will more often see trees and mountains than saloons and shops. Because of this, the distance between the cities seems large and the journey can take five minutes of real time, but during this time a lot can happen to Arthur.

In the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 constantly something happens without the participation of the player, which gives it a lively atmosphere. For example, Arthur may meet a woman who was crushed by a crippled horse or a gangster who decided to abduct a girl for ransom. Arthur is not necessarily helping counter people, but good deeds are not forgotten. In addition, some characters give interesting instructions that reveal the details of the world. It turns out that even an ordinary trip from point A to point B can turn into an adventure.

In addition, the surrounding react differently to the main character. You can go and flirt to the same girl, or send in three letters. The result will be appropriate, and Arthur can easily start a fight with a rash word. Such antics will influence the fame rating, which shows whether the main character was good or bad. In the future, this will determine the attitude of others to Arthur Morgan.

Cities also have things to do. For example, you can go to the saloon, where Arthur is poured, trimmed and, if lucky, they fill their faces. Events in RDR2 happen by chance, so aggressive guys can come to the bar and start a fight on purpose. If during the skirmish the main character literally falls into the dirt with his face, then you can take a bath in the hotel, and even ask the girl to rub Arthur back.

Even in cities there are shops with weapons, medicines and food supplies. Accordingly, there you can buy weapons, first-aid kits and food so that Arthur does not die of hunger. Traders can be robbed, but then they will not want to cooperate with you, and sometimes something is wrong in such establishments.

For example, one gunsmith kept a man in his basement, forcing him to change into a woman for his own comfort. Such an event can be safely ignored, but you can try to save the poor fellow. Still, it is worth remembering that for a robbery or similar raids on Arthur's head can award a reward. In this case, you have to shoot back from lawyers or pay a large fine in the mail.

In general, the whole world of RDR2 is filled with such minor events. They are not of great importance, but thanks to them there is a feeling of a “living” world. Because of this, there is a desire to study every corner of the map in the hope of finding something interesting, and the developers reward such zeal.

Arthur, get busy

In addition to exploring cities and forests, Arthur will constantly receive missions from gang members or their accomplices. The main interest is the main plot tasks that move the history of RDR2, and they are performed coolly. Despite the fact that missions are often repeated, thanks to an interesting story they are felt differently. Roughly speaking, every time you go to a point and shoot people, but staging and setting all change drastically.

The same applies to side tasks, which are optional to perform, but complement the plot. They reveal the characters, tell something new about the gang itself or the world, and also just make fun and bring additional income.

By the way, the proceeds will have to be divided between the parties to the crime. If five "lads" went to the train robbery, then the earnings will have to be distributed equally. In addition, part of the money should be taken to the camp's “common camp” in order to replenish supplies and buy upgrades for the kitchen, tents, etc. The attitude of people towards Arthur depends on this, and if he forgets to replenish the treasury, the camp residents will remind him of this.

In addition to money in the camp, you can bring the meat of dead animals to replenish food supplies. If you kill the beast with a bow without damaging the skin, then it is useful for improvements. In general, hunting takes an important part in RDR2, and Arthur will have to kill animals in order to improve equipment or food. Moreover, the skins can be sold or attributed to their hunters, so that they make cool costumes.

The hunt itself is made interesting. The player will have to track down the victim by smell or use bait for different types of animals. The bait is bought or prepared during the halt, which Arthur can break anywhere. In the same place, the hero cooks, ammunition, food, medicinal herbs and rests.

This mechanic can be attributed to the little things that affect the atmosphere of everything that happens. Someone may say that such realism only adds to boredom, but the game does not require constant crafting or collecting a ton of resources. Breaking the camp, the player himself rests from the shootings, chases and other action.

In addition, you need to monitor the status of the main character. If Arthur is bad to eat – he will start to lose weight and lose strength. Without sleep, his accuracy will deteriorate, and the energy will begin to decrease and he will not be able to run fast. Such a Tamagotchi. At the same time, Arthur’s stamina and health will begin to improve from frequent runs and good nutrition.

The same applies to the horse: it also requires food and even affection. When Arthur cleans a horse from dirt, he not only relieves the animal from diseases, but also establishes a connection. For example, if you make friends with a horse, he will stop dropping the main character during the danger and will respond to the call from a greater distance.

Will have to care for the weapon. Dust, dirt and powder clog up parts of the weapon, worsening the rate of fire, accuracy and other parameters. So it is better to keep the gun clean so as not to rake during the shootings. Speaking of them …

Rockstar did a good job on the world and tasks, but shooting was clearly the last thing. The shootings are made interesting, but the weapon feels the same as in GTA5, and for six years the mechanic of shooting has remained the same.

Changes affected only Dead Eye. This ability allows Arthur to slow down time or mark points for a shot at an enemy. If the main character was attacked by several people at the same time, then in one second they could all catch a bullet in the forehead. If you're lucky, you can shoot a limb, which will be fatal for the enemy.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is like a new album from an old rock band like Kiss. These guys got together again and recorded a great album that their fans should like. Here the record comes out, fans like everything, but they understand that the same Kiss from 1975 is the same.

Red Dead Redemption 2 turned out to be an amazing game, but Rockstar did not bring any drastic changes. We all also play for the bad guys who fight the law, and we also rob, kill and fulfill missions. Even shooting in six years has changed little.

Still, Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a score of 9 out of 10 for a beautifully crafted world, an exciting storyline and addictive gameplay. If you have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, then this game should not be missed.

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