Tammy Parra already wants her shoot with BZRP to take revenge on Omar Núñez for being unfaithful

Tammy Parrawho recently discovered her ex-boyfriend’s infidelities, Omar Núñez, ya want BZRP help you with your own the drawer.

As you know, BZRP is the DJ who was also behind ‘Music Session #53’, better known as Shakira’s shootout against Gerard Piqué.

Which is why, now Tammy Parra wants her Shakira-style shit to talk about his cheating exthe also influencer Omar Núñez.

Tammy Parra and Omar Nuñez (Instagram/@omarnuma)

Tammy Parra suffered an infidelity from Omar Núñez

Some days ago, Tammy Parra It became a trend on social networks because it was revealed that Omar Núñez I had been unfaithful.

All this was known a few days after Tammy Parra announced her commitment to Omar Núñez.

The latter would have proposed to her during a trip to Europe, which he had organized for her 21st birthday.

However, it would reveal messages that Omar Núñez shared with other women before and after his engagement to Tammy Parra.

It is for this very reason that Tammy Parra wants to follow in Shakira’s footsteps and dedicate a shoot to her ex, Omar Núñez.

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Who is Tammy Parra? (Instagram @tammy.parra)

Tammy Parra requests her own trash from BZRP for Omar Núñez’s infidelity

It was due to the recent situation of infidelity that Tammy Parra experienced with her ex, Omar Núñez, that now the influencer hopes to have the ‘Music Session #54′ with BZRP.

This is how Tammy Parra made it known through her official Twitter account.

Which, by the way, he opened as a result of what happened with his ex, because he wanted to share his feelings after the infidelity with his followers:

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Tammy Parra requests her own trash from BZRP for Omar Núñez’s infidelity (Twitter | Screenshot)

Could it be that the request reaches the ears of BZRP and the Argentine helps Tammy Parra with his own shooting?

At the moment, the followers of Tammy Parra -and those who declared war on Omar Núñez- are anxious for the plan to be carried out.

“He deserves no less,” they even write to him on social networks.