Tammy Parra no longer wants to hear from Omar Núñez; she is auctioning off the engagement ring

Tammy Parra It has become a trend, after the discovery of the infidelity of Omar Núñezher ex-boyfriend, a few days after getting engaged.

After sharing how difficult it is for her to overcome everything, Tammy Parra shared an offer of engagement ring sale.

A jewel that Omar Núñez gave to Tammy Parra in Paris, before she discovered him unfaithful.

Tammy Parra auctions the engagement ring that Omar Núñez gave her

Tammy Parra21 years old, went from happiness to deep sadness when she discovered that Omar Núñez he was unfaithful.

Through social networks and a couple of days after getting engaged in Paris, Tammy Parra received multiple proofs of the deception.

It turns out that Omar Núñez, 31, sent compromising messages to other women.

After confirming the infidelity and ending their relationship, Tammy Parra returned to Mexico and now Auction your engagement ring.

Tammy Parra (@tammy.parra / Instagram)

Via Twitter, Tammy Parra shared an unpublished photograph of her hand wearing the engagement ring that Omar Núñez gave her.

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“It’s diamond and platinum,” wrote the influencer and businesswoman.

To reinforce the offer, Tammy Parra even confirmed the luxurious brand of the ring Engagement: Tiffany.

This is how he shared it on social media:

Tammy Parra auctions off her engagement ring

Tammy Parra auctions off her engagement ring (@Tammybarraa)

As expected, the comments from Tammy Parra’s followers did not take long to divide.

Among those who supported her for auctioning off the jewel, and others who suggested that she return it because she canceled the engagement.

There were even those who thought that he should keep the ring that Omar Núñez gave him, because it would be part of a collection.

So far, Tammy Parra has not confirmed that the auction for the engagement ring that became the memory of a nightmare is real.

Tammy Parra continues to discover Omar Núñez’s infidelities

More than once, Tammy Parra has made it clear in tweets that does not intend to forgive nor return to his relationship with Omar Núñez.

This, despite almost 3 years of relationship, travel, projects together and a dream marriage proposal.

“You deserve everything that is happening to you,” the influencer has written.

Tammy Parra and Omar Núñez in Paris

Tammy Parra and Omar Núñez in Paris (@omarnuma)

And it is that, from the day he announced the end of his relationship, Tammy Parra would be receiving messages from more women with whom Omar Núñez flirted.

“More arrive every day, so stop begging me,” Tammy Parra shared at the bottom of a screenshot of yet another test.

Likewise, it is known that Omar Núñez accepted his “mistake” through a video where he never mentioned an apology for his ex.

In the next few days, Tammy Parra will leave Guadalajara – the city where she lived with Omar Núñez – to start a new single life in CDMX.