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Tampa Bay Rays the road to the 2020 MLB World Series

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Nobody had them as candidates and few bet them, even a few dollars. Against all odds, Tampa Bay Rays They are the first team classified to the 2020 World Series from MLB and they arrive with the badge of being the American League pennant champions taking down major league giants.

The 2020 MLB season began in the American League East with some New York Yankees overwhelming and very few paid attention to a few Rays that would end up collapsing the first great on his way to the World Series. Thus begins the tour of the Tampa team in the quest to break and mark the history of Major League Baseball.

In their 60 games of the MLB regular season, the Rays finished with a mark of 40 wins and 20 losses That served them both to be the AL East Champion and to beat the Yankees out: They got seven games apart and in personal matches they ended up with eight wins and two losses. The first giant fell!

The Tampa Bay Rays MLB Playoffs

With the veneer of arriving with the best mark in the American League (40-20), the Rays faced in the Wild Card round Toronto Blue Jays. Room for surprise? Not the slightest possibility. Two wins, eleven races in favor and swept aboard to advance to the Division Series. Tampa Bay fell half a giant and already has one and a half collapsed! They went for more …

The Yankees again defeated by their black beast: Tampa Bay Rays

One of the American League divisional series had the New York Yankees facing their beast noir of the 2020 MLB season: Tampa Bay Rays. They went to a fifth and decisive game in which their hand did not tremble to give them the defeat of one of the best closers in the Major Leagues such as Aroldis Champan. The Rays won this Division Series 3-2 and completed two and a half collapsed giants on board.

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The American League Championship Series: Rays vs. Astros

With the emotional rush of having left the most winning team in the MLB behind, the Rays began the entire American League Championship Series and went 3-0 up against Houston Astros, but the madness of Playoffs he equaled this duel and a decisive seventh game was necessary.

Once again appeared 2020 MLB rookie sensation Randy Arozarena, and it was fundamental for the triumph in the seventh game of the Series of Championship of the American League. The pennant on board and a new giant collapsed: three and a half accumulated. Will one more join the World Series? The Tampa Bay Rays, the giants collapse.


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