Tao Jingying revealed that young people work hard and eat “cockroach bento” for the second degree of explosive hepatitis… Doctor: You are going to die | Entertainment | CTWANT

Tao Jingying spoke on the show about her young experience of working hard for her work. (Photo/Photographed by Tao Jingying’s Facebook)

The host Tao Jingying debuted for 30 years. She has been shortlisted for the best host of the TV Golden Bell Award more than 10 times, won 3 awards, and has also worked as a singer, writer, painter, etc. She recently revealed that she spent only 10 when she was young. I ate a bento in minutes, only to find out that there was a big cockroach in it, and my experience of suffering from 2 times of explosive hepatitis.

Tao Jingying said in a recent interview on the public television program “36 Questions in Love with You” that she used to rush to the radio station to host the broadcast. Because of the traffic jam, she had only 10 minutes to eat after arriving at the scene, so she had to eat the bento frantically, “Open the bento and eat a meal. Eat, isn’t there 3 grids? How is one grid brown? It’s bright.” After a closer look, that grid is a big cockroach, Tao Jingying said, “Because it has a compartment, I will eat from this room. Don’t eat the food over there, go to the show.” The host Yan Aaron was dumbfounded.

Tao Jingying also mentioned that she worked hard when she was young and was an out-and-out workaholic. She pointed out that she had 2 episodes of explosive hepatitis. He replied, “Breaking 10,000 times twice is really impossible!”

Tao Jingying said that the first time she had explosive hepatitis was when she was hosting an entertainment news. She was only 30 years old at the time. She was hospitalized because of her serious condition. The doctor told her, “You are going to die, you know”; the second time was when she was a child. When she was a child, she said, “They came to the ward to see me and laughed and said Mommy, you have a TV here and have fun.” Only then did she realize that health is the most important thing.

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Tao Jingying said that the cost of hospitalization at that time could add up to several trips to Southeast Asia, which also made Sandy listen to the answer, “It’s really a person who burns her life to do it, so we can turn on the TV and watch it. I’ve watched these since I was a child. The show is earned by people working so hard.”