Tap Rutte’s fingers – but what do the young people want?

“I don’t think many young people have looked at Rutte.” Nienke Luijckx is chairman of youth organization LAKS. She also sees that young people take the rules less closely than in the period when corona paralyzed the whole country. According to her, more parties are also organized. “But I don’t think it’s just the young people who are less sharp,” she says.

Introduction weeks

“The statements should get young people sharper again, but it is difficult to say whether that has happened. The introduction weeks that are canceled affect them more,” says Luijckx.

The most important thing for the coming period: that young people hold each other accountable for compliance with the rules. But it is not that easy. “First we need to create awareness that the virus is certainly still there. Then go ahead and ensure that a climate is created in which young people can talk to each other about the rules.”

Approach via Instagram

Back to the press conference. Because is that the way to reach young people and hopefully influence their behavior? “It is certainly a way,” says Luijckx. But it can be more effective. “I think you can reach young people better through social channels like Instagram.”

But, what do the young people actually want? It is not the summer they would have liked for them either. According to Luijckx, the parties that are now organized are therefore a kind of compensation for the period in which nothing could and was not allowed. “And of course the weather is nice now.”

Ideas of young people

The young people themselves also have plans for how we can best deal with this crisis. At an earlier stage of the crisis, LAKS asked for these ideas from young people themselves, and they came up with them.

The meter and a half away turns out to be an eyesore for the young people who submitted ideas. “Inhuman”, “My freedom is being taken away”, and “This is not normal”, you can read.

Alcohol ban

So rules have to be devised so that many young people can still go to parties and bars, according to several young people. For example, they propose an alcohol ban. “An alcohol ban is useful because our bodies are less resistant to viruses when we are under the influence,” says one.

Another way to still be able to party is a maximum age, someone suggests. “I was thinking about, say, 30 years max. It has been proven that people with mild symptoms who carry the virus hardly spread it.”

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