Tarbes. On display at Paris, stories that intertwine

The start of the school year has come at Paris. While the first residency of the month of October “Tutti Frutti” is about to point its nose, the exhibition which accompanies it is already there. And like the circus show that will open the stage at Le Pari, this exhibition presents two artists with different styles but who sometimes come together to coexist in harmony. On the one hand, we have Johann Hierrolzer, graphic designer from Marseille. For this exhibition, the artist presents some of his posters produced for the cultural sector. Beside that, there are some comic boards directed by Johann Hierrolzer “The parrot.” These are the techniques mentioned above that led me to my comic style and especially to the realization of my teenage dream: to create a real comic book. ”But he’s not the only one exhibiting at Paris this month, Tinta China is there too with his“ Hentai 8% ”exhibition. What links it with the work of Johann Hierrolzer is is the evolution of technology.

An open-access and free exhibition to be seen at the Pari until October 11.


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