News Tartine closes a huge Los Angeles restaurant complex after...

Tartine closes a huge Los Angeles restaurant complex after less than a year


Tartine, San Francisco's beloved baking, was expanded in Los Angeles in January with a sprawling factory, 40-square-foot with clothes with two restaurants, a café, a bakery and a marketplace. On Monday, all of the retail components in the public domain were closed.

“It's very strange to close where love is and I'm proud,” said owner Chad Robertson. “I'm sorry, but when you decide to grow your business, some of the decisions you need to make are the ones you need to do when you are small and only have one shop.” T

The closure began six weeks ago with Tartine Bianco, a full-scale restaurant of complexes, a partnership with Phoenix chef Chris Bianco who received a major review in Los Angeles Times. The remaining sections were closed on Monday.

Tartine Factory in Los Angeles keeps its wholesale bakery open for supply outlets such as Whole Foods.

This doesn't mean Tartine in Los Angeles, however. Tartine will continue to operate 13,000 square feet at the site for its wholesale operation, continuing to supply Whole Foods twice a day. He opened a cafe in West Hollywood and plans to open cafes in Silver Lake and Santa Monica. Robertson now shares his time living between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The main issue with the factory project, said Robertson, is a downtown location, an area full of manufacturing but many residents do not exist. In a city where everyone drives, there was no foot traffic during the week, and destination visits on weekends could not keep the operation.

The exterior of Tartine factory in San Francisco. The Los Angeles version was 40,000 square feet.

“We really wanted to show L.A. That we were undertaking an AL. ”, Robertson said on the ambitious size of the project. “If I lived here before me I probably wouldn't do it like that.” T

Moving on, Tartine will focus on smaller bakeries and neighborhood cafes, such as the original mission in the Mission. Tartine is a well-known business model, Robertson said.

“I'm not ashamed,” he said about the closure. “I am proud of everyone, but it is.”

Janelle Bitker is a staff member of the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @janellebitker


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