Tata Communications establishes private global 5G center of excellence in India

Private 5G trials underway in India, enabling digital transformation of businesses with the power of 5G

MUMBAIIn the event that, 30. September 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tata Communicationsa global provider of digital ecosystems, today inaugurated a private 5G Global Center of Excellence (CoE) in Pune, India to accelerate Industry 4.0 applications and functions for enterprises. This new CoE is an agile, secure, and thoughtful facility for testing and proving industrial use cases. Tata Communications has developed use cases in automotive, metals and mining, airports and seaports, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. The company will be well-positioned to enable global enterprises to seamlessly enter the hyper-connected world.

With ongoing trials, Tata Communications will be able to demonstrate private 5G use cases such as: Automated device quality inspection using video and image analysis, inventory management and asset tracking, warehouse theft detection, AR/VR-based remote employee collaboration, and video-enabled retail shopping, to name just a few to call. The company takes rigorous measures, including interoperability testing to assess the compatibility of the company’s private network with various devices, and rigorous monitoring and testing to ensure stable connectivity throughout the testing period at the CoE.

MysoreMadhusudhan, Executive Vice President, Collaboration and Connected Solutions, Tata Communications, said on the occasion: “5G has the transformative power to be a game changer for everyone. We are encouraged and excited to use this technology for the future of businesses and economies. First test results in our Global Center of Excellence have proven to be very positive and offer an evolutionary path to Industry 4.0 scenarios for various industries. We believe this center is well positioned to empower businesses for a hyper-connected future.”

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As in „5G the 5M way” described, Tata Communications sees the 5G era in automating the interaction of man-machine-material-method-market to enable a holistic ecosystem. This ecosystem will enable companies to achieve their business goals, create new revenue streams and business models, and enter new markets through secure and digital experiences.

In addition, Tata Communications already has two Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in Delhi and Mumbai, India dealing with the design, build and demonstration of various Internet of Things (IoT) use cases. Here, the company has successfully presented multiple use cases of smart street lights, connected workers, smart meters for water, gas and energy, asset tracking, and temperature and humidity sensors, just to name a few.

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