“Tatort” star Adele Neuhauser breaks her shoulder

Actress Adele Neuhauser broke her shoulder in a serious bicycle fall while shooting the TV film “Unmake-up”.

Adele Neuhauser, here with her “younger self” Riccardo Campione in the TV film “Unmake-up”. – BR/Bavaria Fiction GmbH/ORF/Jacqueline Krause-Burberg

This is confirmed by the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) of the news agency spot on news. The accident had already happened “last Thursday (June 1)”.

Adele Neuhauser suffers an accident: shooting is suspended

The BR also says: “The Filming is currently on hold and will be completed once Adele Neuhauser is able to resume her role. We wish Adele all the best and a speedy recovery.” As if the injury wasn’t bad enough, there was also a lot of bad luck: Just one day later, on June 2nd, according to the film dossier, filming would have been completed.


2023-06-10 04:36:02
“Tatort” star Adele Neuhauser breaks her shoulder

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