"Tatort" today from Franconia: "I kill nobody" in the quick check

"Tatort" today from Franconia: "I kill nobody" in the quick check

Sunday, 04/15/2018
16:09 clock

The scenario:

Violence against Libyan refugees, hatred in German families – after the corpses of a Libyan sibling couple were found determine Paula Ringelhahn (Dagmar Manzel) and Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs) in the vicinity of two families: the one of the dead refugees and the one of a depressed policeman, who has apparently fallen into right-wing populist ideas. The deeper the two get into the case, the more confusing he becomes.

The sociopolitical mission:

To trace the deeper causes of xenophobia: why, of all people, those sections of the population most fear the “stranger” who least comes into contact with him? This exceptional “crime scene” explores the question of clever collisions and confrontations that reveal frightening insights. Or, as Commissioner Ringelhahn warns his colleague Voss: “Do not look too deeply into things or they will look back.”

The best female episode role:

Ursula Strauss, who as a policewoman lovingly looks after her ailing husband – until she shows her second self in a scene. German hate, clenched in a five-minute dialogue. After the controversial sexism drama “My Strange Friend” Another opportunity for Strauss to prove her talent for disturbing ambiguous performances.

photo gallery
“Crime scene” from Nuremberg:
Nothing is stranger than your own family

The best male episode role:

Hansjürgen Hürrig, who as a right-wing mistress holds desponding speeches about his dull followers. After Hürrig in the last episode of “Bella Block” three weeks ago At the very beginning, he was bombed out of the storyline as a prosecutor, and at the end he has a big scene with a cruel bang.

The plausibility factor:

Very high. All figures are believable right down to minor supporting roles – even in moments when they do pretty incredible things.

The review:

9 out of 10 points. A “crime scene” that demands a lot from the spectator because he is constantly forced to change his view of the case. Great thriller art. At the beginning we see how Commissioner Voss finally celebrates his Einstandsparty in Nuremberg – after three years and four episodes, the figure finally arrived in the dark heart of Franconia.

The detailed analysis:

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“Crime Scene: I kill nobody”, Sunday, 8.15 pm, ARD

Hawk in northern Germany
Forever Punk: Wotan Wilke Möhring as Commissar Falke hears punk and contributes to sleeping as if to find a threadbare Ramones shirt. First he was traveling in Hamburg, then he had to leave the city to Til Schweiger and moved to the north German countryside, now he may investigate again in Hamburg: Recently he was in a controversial case to see the AFD. Please get this fight! As a co-investigator Franziska Weisz acts as Julia Grosz. Strong actress – whose role, however, is still a bit pale.

Sieland, Gorniak and Schnabel in Dresden
And another troupe of jokers: Alwara Höfels, Karin Hanczewski and Martin Brambach are indeed great, humourous actor at the start, but it still lacks the right mix between easy language and heavy topics. Now the head-writer Ralf Husmann and Alwara Höfels took the consequences: They are leaving soon.

Mountain and Tobler in the Black Forest
From regional cultivation: Harald Schmidt got out shortly before Dreh. Maybe that’s a good thing, because the eternally ironic Fernsehpromi, who should play the Commissariatsleiter, would have worked in the barren, creaky and bitter Black Forest thriller out of place. Eva Löbau as Franziska Tobler and Hans-Jochen Wagner as Friedemann Berg do not need dialogue fanfares or exotic role biographies. They exploit what this weather-intensive crime thriller Black Forest gives. A homeland thriller in which everything is produced locally: fruit, schnapps, death.

Murot in Hesse
Do not be afraid of the pianist! Whether on the piano or on a machine gun – Ulrich Tukur as Inspector Murot is almost always a sensation. Almost always: The number with the jugglers in the circus episode “Dizziness” from 2013 was really bad, but the Tarantino-meets-Truffaut episode “Born in pain” 2014 was an absolute masterpiece of the series. It is a pleasant change to watch Ulrich – Oops, now I come – Tukur as LKA – man Felix Murot singing through the action, dancing and making music. Or just sometimes with the rapid-fire weapon ensures order. Big thriller cinema, one episode a year.

Borowski in Kiel
The world converter: As Klaus Borowski Axel Milberg is best when he descends in parallel cosms of psychopaths – perhaps because Borowski itself is built close to madness. Since 2003, by 2009, was meaningfully under the observation of a police psychologist. But the women come and go in the Borowski “crime scene”. After Maren Eggert and Sibel Kekilli, the highly-traded Turkish-born actress Almila Bagriacik (“4 blocks”) now plays the role of the female sidekick. From 2018 it will be on display in the Kiel district.

Lannert and Bootz in Stuttgart
The wounded: Richy Müller as Thorsten Lannert and Felix Klare as Sebastian Bootz are great guys. One with a tragic undercover investigator past, the other an honored failed husband. Since 2008, they are in use, in the beginning, the cases were still flushed routinely routinely. But the most recent Stuttgart episodes treat at the highest aesthetic level excitement topics such as Stuttgart 21 and unprocessed RAF history.

Dorn and Lessing in Weimar
Is that still a thriller? Nora Tschirner as commissar Dorn and Christian Ulmen as colleague Lessing let the usual “Tatort” -deliector punching go empty-handed with casual elegance – and that just in the sphere of influence of the MDR, where it used to be difficult with humor and subversion. After the initially sluggish programming as an event “crime scene”, Dorn and Lessing now investigate twice a year.

Faber, Bönisch, Dalay and Kossik in Dortmund
The sick: Jörg Hartmann swallows plenty of pills and breaks toilets as Peter Faber. Anna Schudt as a colleague Martina Bönisch rises more to frustration reduction as a pleasure with callboys and vacuum cleaner to bed. Aylin Tezel as Nora Dalay and Stefan Konarske as Daniel Kossik have already sweated together on patrol and in bed together – but would never use the L-word. Two episodes a year. One of the few TV areas with stringent character development. The elite of the German TV crime. Unfortunately Stefan Konarske will be leaving soon.

Boerne and Thiel in Münster
The Prof and the Proll: Since 2002, Jan Josef Liefers as forensic physician Karl-Friedrich Boerne and Axel Prahl as Frank Thiel determine between bis dynasties, potato kings and asparagus emperors. The one snob and closely associated with the Münster dignity, the other St. Pauli fan and outsider. A combination with the grotesque humor smuggled into the “crime scene” at the beginning, but exhausted in recent years in gag cannonades. Two cases a year, almost always flanked by new quota records.

Brix and Janneke in Frankfurt
How are they on it? As balanced as Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch, l.) And Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich, r.) Nobody else in TV crime Germany goes to work. Good mood as a unique selling point, an interesting twist. Instead of rubbing the concentrated attention for each case. Brix was formerly in the habit, Janneke has previously worked as a psychologist: A good addition to descend into the hard, sick and yet often cheerfully twisted cases of the Hessian “crime scene”. Two episodes a year.

Tschiller in Hamburg
Who is the biggest in the “crime scene” country? Til Schweiger and his commissar Nick Tschiller and his action blockbuster thriller clearly aim at this top position. At the last double “crime scene” after the turn of the year, even hit star Helene Fischer was brought on board to set new quota records. Haute but not out, the two-parter came to the audience bad. Since even Schweiger could not do much with Panzerfaust, and even the gifted Sidekick and secret Hamburg “Tatort” star Fahri Yardim as Commissioner Yalcin Gümer did not hold the audience. Audience favorites Axel Prahl and Jan Josef Liefers and their audience numbers are further away than ever before for Schweiger. The movie “crime scene”, which was launched in February, was not a public bomb. Let’s see what happens after the long break in 2018.

Ruby and Karow in Berlin
He a pig, she a slut: In contrast to the former sunny capital city cops Ritter and Stark “crime scene” successor Mark Waschke as Robert Karow and Meret Becker as Nina Rubin drawn with extremely black line. While Karow in the first episode has crooked business with the drug mafia, Rubin enjoys SM games in the backyards of Kreuzberg hipster bars. In addition to stark character drawings, there are in the radically modernized Berlin “crime scene” especially harmonious capital city impressions. Two episodes a year.

Stellbrink in Saarbrücken
The undecided: Since 2013 Devid Striesow as Jens Stellbrink and Elisabeth Brück as Lisa Marx determine in Saarbrücken. He is a stinging emotional man, she is a rabid analysis machine. One likes it in Saarbrücken in terms of character drawing just like a little plain. The potential of the great actor Striesow was never even nearly exhausted, meanwhile he announced his departure for 2019.

Voss and Ringelhahn in Franconia
The strangers: Felix Voss is a stray and locked northern light with a penchant for techno-excesses, Paula Ringelhahn made her way out of the East at wall times because she believed in freedom and democracy. Now the two commissioners, who are not compatible at all, are investigating an area in which they also seem out of place. A charming basic situation. Once a year, Fabian Hinrichs and Dagmar Manzel appear as unequal pair in the hinterland of Lower, Middle and Upper Franconia occur. Hinrichs had previously caused in a BR episode as an investigator squaw Gisbert for furore and amorous audience.

Eisner and Fellner in Vienna
The double espresso: Since 1999 Harald Krassnitzer determined as Major Moritz Eisner grumpy, practical, good. He has since poured into the 5000 mugs of mocha and other strong caffeinated drinks. Since 2011 he has been supported by Adele Neuhauser as Bibi Fellner, a (mostly) dry alcoholic with a penchant for demimonde at the Prater. Vienna, dark and cold, like a stale black man. 2014 saw the Grimme Award.

Ballauf and Schenk in Cologne
The couple: Klaus J. Behrendt as Max Ballauf and Dietmar Bär as Freddy Schenk stood for a long time for the good old sociokrimi – not an issue that was not determined by the two warm-hearted and explained away. Schenk has a wife at home who has never been seen before. But let’s be honest: what can be done against his great love Ballauf? Since 1997, three to four cases a year. After Assistant Franziska was brutally murdered from the TV area in early 2014, the people of Cologne are more gloomy and unforgiving. Is the two “crime scene” -Oldies actually quite good.

Lürsen and Stedefreund in Bremen
The eternal Spontis: Sabine Postel as Inga Lürsen and Oliver Mommsen as Nils Stedefreund deliver a nice interplay. If the youngster does it too much, she puts on her stern face, if the boss has too much fun, he makes the grumbler. Schnoddrig solve the two politically charged cases in this way. Left, humorous, sometimes a little too loud. She has been there since 1997, he since 2001. Two to three cases a year, often strong B-movies. For 2019, however, the farewell is announced.

Lindholm in Hannover and surroundings
The woman of today: Since 2002, Maria Furtwängler has been performing in the role of Charlotte Lindholm in Lower Saxony and in recent years has become the epitome of the modern female investigator. WG-experienced, highly pregnant during explosive investigations, later brought her child and career together well. Lindholm is personified self-optimization, conservative at heart but open to experimentation. In short: the Ursula von der Leyen of the “crime scene”. Two to three episodes a year, now only one. Not always great, never boring.

Batic and Leitmayr in Munich
The eternal bachelors: For more than a quarter of a century, the two are already in action – and still good for a scandal: Recently, commissioner Ivo Batic (l.) And colleague Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) made with an explicit thriller about the Munich porn business for riot among the spectators. Whether swinger clubs or polyamory: Curiously, the Bavarian boys graying in honor continue to descend into the more difficult erogenous zones of German society.

Flückiger in Lucerne
The Leisetreter: After Stefan Gubser as Reto Flückiger had already identified several times as a guest with colleague Klara Blum in Konstanz, he got in 2011 his own area in Lucerne. Bring a soft note into the hysterical “crime scene”. In the disastrous first episode, Sofia Milos assisted him as Abby Lanning, then Delia Mayer took on the female sidekick role as Liz Ritschard. She plays the first open lesbian investigator in the “crime scene” alliance. Two episodes a year often provide calm counterpoints.

Odenthal in Ludwigshafen
The experimental machine: Here were the most beautiful amorous escapades and the boldest stories – including a trip into space. Ulrike Folkerts as Lena Odenthal is in use since 1989, Andreas Hoppe as Mario Kopper joined in 1996. Now he leaves the “crime scene” and boots with his cowboy boots towards Italy. At the moment, the SWR is making a lot of experiments with the TV area, but the Pfälzer improv crime story about a dialect theater has fallen short of expectations. Nevertheless, please continue experimenting!

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