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Tattoos and unicorns: this will be the wedding of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio | People and Famous

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio, in April at the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville. On video, that's how the wedding will be.

"If you have received this letter, it is because you have said yes, we are looking forward to sharing with you great moments on Saturday, June 15, 2019. Safety is very important for us, and that is why we have designed this personal and non-transferable tattoo that is assigned to a security number linked to your name, you can not exchange the tattoo with your partner, with it you will have access to the whole event, it is super important that you do not forget to put it on where we indicate you next ". Thus begins the text printed on the black card with a printed pink unicorn that these days have received the nearly five hundred guests who this Saturday will attend the wedding of Sevillian footballer Sergio Ramos (Camas, 1986) with the television presenter Pilar Rubio ( Torrejón de Ardoz, 1978) in the Andalusian capital.

The tattoo in question has the figure of the unicorn that has become leitmotiv which is already considered the great social event of the year and which will begin with a religious ceremony in the Cathedral of Seville. As the invitation also indicates – with the hashtag #boda unicorns-, the access for the guests – it has not transcended if it will coincide with the one of the fianc2es – will be realized by the Door of the Prince of the metropolitan temple. To be able to reach this side entrance, located next to the Archivo de Indias, a passage and a single access will be enabled from the intersection of Miguel de Mañara street and Santo Tomás street, right next to the Real Alcázar, through which, predictably, parade the most illustrious guests before the eyes of curious, press and the hundreds of thousands of tourists who travel these days through the most monumental area of ​​the city, where the Cathedral is located.

In fact, the particularity of this wedding has forced the Cabildo Catedral to take the decision to restrict the guided visits to the temple and the Giralda from, at least, an hour and a half before the start of the ceremony. The ticket offices to get tickets for both monuments will close that day at 15.30. Thus, at the bullfighting time par excellence, at five o'clock in the afternoon, it is expected that the ceremony and subsequent banquet will begin, which is being commissioned by the company organizing weddings and fashion events among the celebrities national: the Catalan agency La Puta Suegra, the high-impact commercial name behind which are its founders, Josep Planas and Marta Gilabert, who on their website claim as a claim for potential customers: "We consider it unethical to reveal the productions we have made , but there is no doubt that after all that has been done we can offer you only the excellence in the dance that you want to ride ".

The Whore-Mother-in-law has transferred to the guests, among other things, a peculiar dress code, with traditional jackets for men and limitations of clothing for women, who will have to avoid some colors such as white, pink, red, orange and green . Also, the organizing company has been emphatic when it comes to reminding the participants in the link that it is forbidden to use any mobile device and cameras. A veto with which they seek to guarantee the maximum privacy of the event, as well as to avoid any type of graphic leakage before a possible exclusive in any publication of the so-called pink press.

Just at the end of the ceremony, the bus service will begin to transfer the guests to the Finca La Alegría SR4, in the municipality of Bollullos de la Mitación (24 kilometers from Seville), where the party will take place, which will continue until the hours of the dawn and in which the entrance to minors is not allowed. Up to the recreational residence owned by the player of Real Madrid will arrive guests like David and Victoria Beckham, the Spanish national team player Gerard Piqué and the singer Shakira, as well as the most illustrious names of Real Madrid: from the president of the club, Florentino Pérez, his trainer Zinedine Zidane and his closest companions in the dressing room, including Lucas Vázquez, Keylor Navas and Luka Modric.

National teams such as Vicente del Bosque and Luis Enrique will also attend a wedding in which Sergio Ramos has not forgotten his origins and who will have a large representation of historical names linked to Sevilla FC, such as former coach Joaquín Caparrós. Among the great absences, that of the singer Alejandro Sanz – involved in his national tour – and that of the couple formed by the footballer Iker Casillas and the journalist Sara Carbonero, who recovered from a recent surgery.

Among the great unknowns covered by social networks in these days prior to the link are the musical performances of the night. The only thing confirmed is the present that Cádiz singer Niña Pastori will offer her great friend Sergio Ramos inside the cathedral of Seville, since she will be in charge of entertaining musically the religious ceremony. There is more doubt about the rumor that the mythical hard rock band AC / DC – the girlfriend's favorite group – will perform at a party organized at the La Alegría farm.

In this millionaire wedding, the couple have expressly declined to accept gifts and propose to the guests who wish to make donations to UNICEF and Piel de Mariposa, the two solidarity organizations with which both work together, they have been together for seven years and have three children. The current account to realize this income also bears the name of Wedding Unicorns. A mythological animal to which a noble, pure and spiritual character is attributed, and which has become a symbol of a bond that the bride herself has said is getting out of hand.

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