Astrological news: the Moon continues in Pisces in the vibration of three, entertainment and relaxation. The planets Mercury, Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. Your ruler, the planet Venus is in Sagittarius and Uranus is still in your sign, retrograde.

Your warm and sensual sign is well sponsored in the love field, but you must act with more social tact and avoid useless discussions with people who waste your time and cause you worries.

So you can do your job and face your responsibilities without major complications. Do not waste the money that is now coming to you because in a few days you will have an excellent investment opportunity and if you now borrow later you will not be able to face that latent business in your future astrological horizon.

What kind of girlfriend are you, according to your sign?


The energy coming from the Moon combined with the direct impact of your regent Venus on the fire element, will help you to leave behind shyness and embark on the conquest of new love paths. You are in a positive cycle to attract happiness to your life, but you have to talk, declare your feelings and not keep quiet.

Your energy level rises and if you suffer from hypertension – high blood pressure – you must go to any place where you can measure it, or do it yourself if you have equipment, to avoid any mismatch caused by food excesses.

The job prospects are good and you should not be discouraged by what you still have to achieve. There is a labor movement associated with a trip that will give you very good results in a short time and will allow you to increase your income.

Is there the evil eye?


Money and fortune
Surprising economic entries are predicted and you will soon receive pleasant news regarding that issue that worries you. If you don't feel confident about a contract, seek legal advice before signing anything and it will be much better especially now that Mercury is retrograde.

Today's astral biorhythm
Sexual energy level this Thursday: high.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: an unusual invitation to a romantic site.
Dangerous trend of Thursday in your Taurus sign: take risks in activities for which you have not prepared properly.
What should I avoid ?: Promising something emotionally.
Phrase of the day: intelligent people recognize their mistakes, only fools never give their arm to twist,

You will focus your energy on having a good time

Prediction of couple for today Thursday
The best relationship today: relations will work very well for you if your partner is of a land sign, especially Taurus and Virgo, also with Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, which are water.
The most tense relationship: could be presented with Leo.
Your current compatibility: there is a good wave of compatibility with all signs of land and water in general, especially Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio.
If you are single or single: days of great joy are coming along with people that are really worth knowing.


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